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The microphone reacts to changes in air pressure and creates corresponding AC electical waveforms.

The oscilloscope takes the AC waveforms and deflects a moving electron beam in a cathode ray tube, thus producing a moving display of the electrical waveform.

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A microphone can be connected to an oscilloscope, and will display the frequency and amplitude of any sound.

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Q: How can a microphone and oscilloscope show a sound wave?
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How do you measure the frequency of a sound wave?

Capture the sound with a microphone, feed its output into an oscilloscope with a calibrated timebase. Measure the time period T of the wave on the horizontal axis, then convert it into a frequency ( = 1/T)

Does the oscilloscope shows the sound wave as a static wave?


What is oscilloscope in sound waves?

a wave

An oscilloscope can be used to produce visible pictures of sound waves. If an oscilloscope is used to measure the distance between the crests of a sound wave what property of the wave will it be measu?


What is an example os a longditudinal wave?

A sound wave is an example of a longitudinal wave. A device used to measure the length and pitch of the sound wave is call a oscilloscope.

What is loudness determined by?

In order to find out the loudness of sound waves, an oscilloscope can be used. Oscilloscopes demonstrate sound wave patterns, but it must be hooked up to a microphone in order for it to be heard.ADDED: It is measured directly and quite accurately by sound-level meters, and these are used by environmental-monitoring specialists etc..You can use an oscilloscope, but not directly. That shows the sound's wave-shape as a voltage analogue, so to calculate the sound level itself from the display on the screen, you also need to know the sensitivity of the microphone and the gain of any amplifier. If you want to determine the sound's full characteristics, replace the oscilloscope by a spectrum-analyser.

What is a difference between a microphone and megaphone?

A microphone translates a sound wave into an electrical impulse, and a speaker translates an electrical impulse into a sound wave.

What powers a microphones sound level?

The sound pressure moves the human ear drums and also the diaphragms of the microphones. A sound wave is transformed by the microphone to an electric voltage wave, which is amplified by a microphone pre-amplifier.

Define ampitude of a sound wave?

The Amplitude of a sound is it's loudness. It is possible to convert a sound wave into a transverse wave and see it on a CRO. (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope) A quiet sound has a low aplitude and a loud sound therefore has a high amplitude.

What is the device called which turns vibrations into a sound wave trace on a screen?

You're thinking of an "oscilloscope".

Which type of device emits a sound wave?

First you convert the sound into a modulated electric current using a microphone, then you convert the modulated electric current into a visible pattern using an oscilloscope.

What machine can show us what waves look like?

If the wave can be turned into an electrical signal then an oscilloscope can be used to look at the wave pattern.