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Q: How can a prism break up sunlight into different colours?
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How is a prism able to break sunlight into its component colours?

Different colors of light travel at slightly different speeds in the material of the prism. This causes a refraction that spreads apart the colors.

A prism breaks white light into what?

A dispersive prism can break light into its spectral colours, or the colours of the rainbow

When white light is refracted througha prism different colours emerge where do the different colours come from?

The reflection comes through the prism and different colors are different wavelength of sunlight from violet to red in the order of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

What objects can break light into colours?

diffraction grating prism

Where do the prism come from?

Light (or sunlight) is made up of all the wavelengths of light combined. If you mix all the colours of the rainbow together you get white. A prism just spreads out the individual wavelengths to illustrate the different colours. Different colours of light are just different mixtures of these.

Which thing has been used to separate the constituent colour of sunlight?

A clear glass prism is used to separate sunlight into rainbow colours.

Why does a prism cause white light to separate into the spectrum?

Because different colours have different have speeds in a prism , as refractive index depends on speed of the object therefore different colours have different refractive indexes

Who discovered that light is made up of 7 colours?

Isaac Newton discovered that white light is made up of seven different colors when he passed sunlight through a glass prism.

A block of glass that can spilt white light into different colours?

a prism

A prism demonstrates what?

Refraction.In addition to refraction, a common prism demonstrates that different wavelengths of light travel at different velocities in the prism material. Hence the spreading out of the various colours.

What is reason to see rainbow?

When sunlight passes through raindrops, the rain drops act like a glass prism. The sunlight is split into the rainbow colours in the sky, and a rainbow appears.

What block of glass can split white light into different colours?

A prism is what you are referring to.