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It can work, but it will not sound good. Any deformations of the cone will "color" the sound, which will sound muddy and not clear. Eventually the speaker will die due to the voice coil dragging in the magnet because the speaker isn't moving correctly. If you have a speaker with a hole in it you should replace it.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-11 20:42:32
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Q: How can a speaker work with holes in it?
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What size speakers do you have in a 2004 dodge stratus?

The front and back speakers are 6x9, there are also speaker holes in the front dash on the left and right. The dash speaker holes are small, like 3 1/2 or 4 inch.

How do you fix stripped out screw holes on speaker box made of MDF without drilling new holes?

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What are the stock speaker sizes for a 1996 mitsubisi eclipse?

I just did some quick research and it looks like there isn't a specific after market speaker that will exactly match your stock speakers. It lists the largest size that will fit in the holes as follows: Front doors=6 3/4", Rear seat side panels=6 1/2". I suspect you may need to drill some new holes and/or modify your speaker holes.

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Is speaker wire suitable for all types of speakers?

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If you replace a 4 ohm speaker with an 8 ohm speaker can the amplifier blow the speaker?

You will get lower output and the amplifier will still work fine.

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What might be the problem if a rear left speaker doesn't work but all the other speakers work fine in a 1995 Chevy Blazer?

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What are the speaker size on a 2001 mercury cougar?

5x7 all the way around. Replace with after market 6x8 with 5x7 holes.

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Are 5x7 and 6x8 speakers the same?

The speaker size 5x7 and 6x8 refers to the original speaker mountings in a automotive environment. Some car manufacturers use 5x7 speakers with corresponding mounting holes and 6x8 speakers just correspond respectively Having worked as a car audio installer, I find that 5x7 speakers will fit in a 6x8 speaker opening, and you would have to take out the 6x8 speaker holes that are usually found in a 5x7 speaker with the holes horizontally on each end of the oval shaped speaker. You could use a hex saw blade to do this and then break it off using a pair of pliers. OK you know your cars speaker size, next is how much power you will use to drive it. If you are just replacing a stock speaker with an upmarket model, go for at least 100watts max (50rms) two way speaker. If you plan to use the speakers with an external amplifier ( meaning another amp mounted in your boot / trunk area, then go for a higher rating speaker and always check the mounting depth so you have clearance for your window winder mechanisms. 5X7 and 6x8 speakers will fit in those holes respectively, but 6x9 speakers are larger in length.

How do you get an onkyo speaker to work for a Playstation?

Connect them to the TV

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What do i do when the back speaker doesn't work?

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How do you hook up a speaker from a headphone outlet on a phonograph?

The headphone outlet will not have enough power to make a speaker work unless it is self powered. This means the speaker has anamplifier inside the case.

Why don't my rear speakers work?

wiring problem! check wire connection form radio to speaker,if ok, check speaker coil connection, speaker coil may be loosed.

Can I connect 2 speakers to one speaker cable e.g.1 speaker cable out from receiver split and connected to two speakers.?

No, the speaker has a negative and positive port, they both need to be plugged into for it to work. if they aren't, then the speaker will not create sound