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a teen can get pregnant just like an adult does. by having sex.... but you wil have to drop out of school start a whole new life and face the facts of life. no more partying with your friends on the weekened and babies are expenseve so PLEASE wear a condom until your married or until you get out of highschool and your not a teen anymore

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Q: How can a teen can get pregnant?
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How old is the youngest teen to get pregnant?

11 (techally not a teen, but a pre teen)

Is it more likely for a teen to get pregnant?

No a teen has just as much of a chance of becoming pregnant as an older woman.

How do you get your teen sim pregnant on sims 2 double deluxe?

how to get your sims 2 deluxe teen pregnant

In California can a teen go to jail for getting teen pregnant?


How are teen moms and 16 and pregnant alike?

16 and pregnant is the show before teen mom. Once they have the baby, they turn into teen moms. They are both part of MTV.

How can a pregnant teen get money?


If an underage teen is pregnant does the father of the underage teen have to pay child support or can the underage teen control that?

well yeh you have to give support you got her pregnant for the love of god

What can be define as teen pergnancy?

a teen (13 - 18 year old) who is pregnant

Can a Sims 3 teen get pregnant?

No. Young adults can get pregnant though.

Can you teen girl get pregnant by one drop of sperm?

Yes, a teen girl can get pregnant by one drop of sperm. That is if she has already had her period before.

Define teen pergnancy?

A teen pregnancy, when a female under the age of 16 is pregnant. In theory it may not be just a teen as a child as young as 10 could get pregnant but are not as likely to be ready until they are a teen or have had sex until then either.

On sims 3 how do you get a teen pregnant?

you can't