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if all the presidents of the world held a conference in which they discuss the solution to this problem and signed agreements on reducing the amounts of automobiles this problem can be solved

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How can you minimise the effects off air pollution?

burnings of fuels should be stopped

How is air pollution being stopped in Bulgaria?

by removing pollution factors, cleaning its industries, introducing new technologies, caring for its nature

What actions had the government taken to reduce air pollution?

he might have stopped some factories that created too much air pollutions

What is air pollution and WHAT ARE the types of air pollution?

air pollution is a ecological balance

What is the difference between air pollution and pollution?

air pollution is related to air specialy but in pollution we include all type of pollution like water , noise, air pollution

What are the 5 types of air pollution?

Air pollution is classified by the source of the pollution. The five types are smog, the green house effect, accidental air pollution, industrial air pollution, and transport related air pollution.

Why can't all air pollution be stopped?

It can't be entirely stopped, but it can be decreased significantly. Just need a little innovation, thats all.. Someone will figure out something eventually.

Where is the most air pollution?

air pollution travels in the air

Is there air pollution in the UK?

there's air pollution everywhere no matter where you go there's air pollution.

What is the meaning of water and air pollution?

water pollution: polluting water air pollution: polluting air

What are the adventage of air pollution?

There are not advantages to air pollution.

Is there air pollution?

There are many types of air pollution. There can be particulate air pollution from things like dirt and pollen. There can be chemical air pollution from things like engines.

What are 5 ways in which Air pollution impacts on community?

Air pollution impacts a community in many ways. Air pollution is a health hazard. Air pollution soils buildings. Air pollution negatively impacts tourism. Air pollution causes premature death of plant life. Air pollution also causes aging of buildings and structures.

Examples of similes about air pollution?

Air pollution is as dangerous as poison. Air pollution is as bad as junk-food.

Why all air pollution cannot be controlled or stopped?

all air pollution can not be stoped or controlled because not every person likes the environment. also, air polution is everywhere in the worls and there are many factories, cars,etc.. that can not be eliminated out of our everyday life for certain reasons of work.

How can water polution be stopped?

water pollution can be stopped by not throwing trash in the ocean

Is air pollution positive or negative?

Air pollution is negative

Hindi essay site for air pollution?

air pollution

What are the uses of air pollution?

Air pollution is not useful. It is a problem.

Is air pollution everywhere?

Yes, air pollution is everywhere

Who is responsible for air pollution?

vehicles are responsible for air pollution

What is air pollution called in Hindi?

Air pollution can be said as VAAYU PRADUSHAN. Here vaayu is air and pradushan is pollution.

What are the biological indicators for air pollution?

biological indicator of air pollution is lichene. it is a best example of air pollution indicator.

How Do you Cause Air Pollution?

We cause air pollution by using vehicles that release gases that cause and increase air pollution. By using electricity we also cause air pollution ( computers).

What is an example sentence using the word air pollution?

factories cause air pollution because of the smoke

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