How can alveoli absorb oxygen into the lungs?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: How can alveoli absorb oxygen into the lungs?
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What is the substance that the capillaries absorb from the lungs?

The capillaries absorb oxygen at the lungs. This occurs near the alveoli.

Why can lugs obsorb large amount of Oxygen?

They absorb so much oxygen because of the Alveoli. An Alveoli are the endings of small tubes that are located in your lungs and transfer oxygen to your capillaries.

Why can the lungs absorb a large amount of oxygen?

1) It's not the lungs. It's the haemoglobin in blood cells that allow blood cells to carry oxygen to where it is needed.2) Lungs can absorb a large amount of oxygen because of alveoli. There are small tubes in lungs which have alveoli at there ends. The alveoli are surrounded by a network of capillaries. At these capillaries is where the blood picks up its cargo of oxygen from the air.Oh and it is hemoglobin not haemoglobin okay Soggy2002!I happen to be from England, the birthplace of the English language, where we spell it 'haemoglobin'. Okay, MsMM1987?Air moves from the trachea to the bronchi the passage that direct air into the lungs

Where does the blood absorb oxygen in human body?

the blood absorb oxygen in the lungs(cappilaries)

What is the site where oxygen enters the pulmonary blood?

Oxygen enters the blood in the alveoli of the lungs

How do alveoli and capillaries help to get oxygen?

The alveoli is the point where the waste product of respiration (carbon dioxide) and oxygen are diffused into or out of the blood. Oxygen diffuses into the blood stream and are carried to the heart and carbon dioxide is diffused out of the lungs and expired. The alveoli have moist walls and are close to the capillaries which speeds up the process.

What collects oxygen from the lungs?


How can you the oxygen you bring into your body get into the circulatory system?

The oxygen in each breath is circuited to the lungs where the alveoli absorb the oxygen and passed to the blood cells. The blood cells enter the heart where the oxygenated blood is circulated where needed.

Why alveoli so small and uncountable in number?

The small size, coupled with the vast amount of alveoli - means that the body can absorb much more oxygen than if our lungs were simply two huge 'empty bags'. The surface area is far greater in our lungs because of the number of alveoli.

The oxygen exchanges happen where?

Alveoli of lungs.

The sacs in the lungs that let oxygen in you?


What are the structures that allow for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the lungs and blood?

The tiny air sacs of the lungs were oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged are the alveoli.