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How can an 11-year-old girl make 4000 dollars in a short time?



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I don't think it's possible legally. If the money need is so dire that the child would consider illegal means, it's time to talk to parents or other adults around. Or to call a child service phone line, explain your situation and ask what to do.

There are plenty of services to help adults either deal with difficult situations that cause such a need for money or financial services that help adults to deal with financial difficulties.

Any 11-year old trying to make money, is taking on responsibilities that should not be hers or is otherwise misguided. Her parents/ guardians should be taking care of the money while she goes to school.

Personally i think the previous answer is silly. you could set up a few business that help you get 100 a week, do extra jobs, sell old items on eBay or cash converters, have a garage sale,wash dogs, walk dogs, mow lawns there is a lot of stuff and 11 year old could do to make money quickly