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How can an Air Force enlisted person become a US Air Force officer?

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2007-12-12 17:25:04

Three options are readily available: 1. Officer Academy 2. ROTC

3. OTS (Officer Training School) Air Force enlisted members can

become officers by first finding out their eligibility to apply for

Officer Training School (OTS) or the Officer Academy. You must be

of a certain age in order to qualify (the age is near 21 or 22 as a

cut off point for the Academy, where you can obtain your degree

while training to be commissioned when you graduate. Yet attending

OTS, which is a twelve week course, means you already have a four

year degree and wish to become an Air Force Officer. ROTC (Reserve

Officer Training Corps) is another option that enlisted members can

participate in while attending college. You can attend college

while studying to attain your four year degree in certain technical

fields required in order to be commissioned as a second Lieutenant.

You would be getting paid as an enlisted member at the rank of E-5

(Staff Sergeant) while taking ROTC specific courses (Only if you

are going through the Air Force course of AECP, will you get paid

to go to ROTC). Eligibility for ROTC is not as extensive, yet it

means becoming an officer which requires a lot of knowledge and

leadership skills to begin with. Enlisted or not, you must take the

AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test).

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