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yes they can you just don't notice that you are using coordinates

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Q: How can coordinate grids be used in everyday life?
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What are coordinates grids used for?

coordinate grids are used for coordinates, coordinate grid is used for the coordinates so you know where you can place your coordinate on.

What can coordanite grids be used for in real life?

Using coordinate planes in real life is a useful skill for mapping an area, conducting experiments or even planning for everyday needs like arranging furniture in a room.

How are coordinate grids used in the real world?

architectural purposes...

What are the application of coordinate geometry in daily life?

It is used is grids in the world map.Latitudes serve as x axis and longitudes as y axis. coordinate geometry can also be used by satellites to track exact coordinates.That is how GPSs work.thas all

What coordinate is used to locate points on grids?

Not a coordinate but a pair (or larger set) of coordinates.These are ordered sets of numbers that give the distance of the point, from the origin, along each of the axes in multidimensional space.

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