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Fusion is the melting and mixture of base metal to the melted filler material (Rod or Electrode). It takes place in the puddle and is the Weld. Sorta like making mud by adding water to dirt. If they don't mix there is no mud.

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Q: How can define fusion regarding welding?
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Why is oxyactylene welding is not used in high responsibility fusion welding?

Oxyacetylene Welding is not used in high responsibility fusion welding because fusion welding requires two metals to be fused without melting whereas Oxyacetylene Welding involves the melting of metals so this process is not suitable. By Makeveli

What is non fusion welding and types?

non fusion welding is when there is no filler metal needed...Actually all welding is considered fusion welding, meaning the material fuses together unlike soldering. The material has to melt to fuse.

What is a nonfusion welding?

it should be called solid state welding which does not melt the base... in fusion welding the base melts as you weld.

What is different between fusion and non fusion welding?

Fusion is the blending of elements and can only be achieved by melting. Welding by definition is fusion. Brazing ,soldering etc are non fusing.

What is the difference between fusion welding an resistance welding?

Fusion welding is just any welding process which inhibites the phase trasition from solid to liquid and then back to solid state, while electric resistance welding is based on purely ohmic heating of the different parts, this heat will create fusion of the metal. So; Electric resistance welding can be said to be a type of fusion welding, but not the other way around.

What type of welding is when metal is fused together by the heat of a welding flame?

It's called Fusion Welding. You answered your own question.

Is solid state weld the same as fusion welding?


What is the definition of heat fusion?

heat fusion is to join things together by heat. ie plastic welding.

How do you do nonfushion carbon arc welding?

Contradiction in terms. If its "non-fusion" then it isn't welding. You probably mean brazing.

What is the difference of efw and erw?

EFW: Electric Fusion Welding is a more general term which includes Electric resistance welding (ERW) and other types of welding such as Arc welding.

What is the process of joining metal by fusion?

1. _________ is the process of joining metal parts of fusion. The process of joining metal parts by fusion is known as arc welding.

What is the use of oxidizing flame?

An oxidizing flame is used in Braze welding. Not to be confused with Brazing, Braze welding uses bronze filler rod in a similar manner to fusion welding.