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A tone generator function or software synthesizer plug-in can be used to generate specific frequencies or notes.

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Q: How can different notes or pitches be produced?
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What articulation connects notes of different pitches?

A slur

How are vibrations produced on the oboe?

The double reed on an oboe produces the sound through vibrations when air is blown through it. Moving the keys produces different pitches and notes

How a trombone player changes the notes produced by his trombone?

the slide can extend to produce a lower pitch, and it can also retract to produce higher pitches. all brass instruments can also produce different notes by tensing up the lips (higher notes) or by relaxing the lips (lower notes).

What are the two different ways pitches can be produced on trumpets?

The only way pitches can be produced on a trumpet is through the vibrating lips of the player. That player can change the pitches by either changing their embouchure or by changing which valves are depressed.

Why does a harp have different lengths of string?

the different lenghts play different pitches or notes, the longer the string, the lower the note.

Do you get the same musical scale in different octaves?

Yes, the octaves are the same notes but in varying pitches.

How are the different notes produced on the cello?

Pressing on the finger board plays higher notes per tape.

Is the clairnet a medium pitched instrument?

The clarinet can be pitched at different pitches when you play low to high notes

What is the fingring for a tenor saxophone?

All saxophones have the same fingerings, the notes just come out at different pitches :)

How are the notes produced on a saxophone?

The way that the saxophone makes a noise is when the player puts their mouth on the mouthpiece, and the reed vibrates, sending waves of air through the saxophone, making a sound. The different pitches of the saxophone, or the different notes are determined when the saxophone player presses down fingering, therefor making the instrument shorter or longer.

What is the difference between notes on a guitar and tabs?

Tab is a way of reading music used by guitarists. Notes are simply different pitches that make up chords.

How do you throw different pitches?

How do you throw different pitches?different realese points of the ball and different grips can make different pitches

How does a harp change its pitch?

The pitches of harp changes because there are lots of strings. And each of those notes have different sounds.

How do different pitches affect the cochlea?

Different pitches vibrate the cochlea at different places

What is Another name for a musical sound represented by notes is?


Another name for the musical sounds represented by the notes?


What are the fingerings for notes for a trumpet?

There is a link below to a sheet of music with all the notes in the written range of a Bb trumpet. It includes note names and fingerings. Note for non-Bb trumpets: The fingerings for the written notes will stay the same, however the pitches (and names of the notes) will be different.

What does the last key on a piccolo or flute do?

It just changes the note. For some notes it makes it different keys or pitches. The same as any other button.

What does sequence mean in musical terms?

A musical sequence is a pattern of notes that follow after each other smoothly at different pitches in harmonic or melodic ways. :))

What are harmonics in music?

Harmonics in music are notes which are produced in a special way. They are notes which are produced as part of the "harmonic series".

Do percussion instruments have notes?

For the most part if they have keys like the piano or bells then yes. Timpani are also tuned to certain notes before they are played. Drums though, like snare and bass, do not play different pitches.

What are the different grips on a softball for pitchers?

There are different grips for different pitches. Know the different pitches so you can work on the several grips

How many classical guitar notes are there?

i have an Admira Paloma, a really basic begginer's guitar with 19 frets, and if you count all the notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, c) in all their different pitches, sharps and flats, you would have exactly 44 notes

What materials are harmonicas usually made of?

Harmonicas are typically made of wood and tin and can be made in different pitches and notes but also some are made especially for Blues or for Country.

What causes the pitch of the brass instruments to change?

A change in ambature causes the octave of a brass instrument to change. Depending on the instrument, there are different methods for changing notes. Trumpets, tubas, baritones, and french horns, for example, use different combinations of keys to create different notes. However, a trombone uses a slide. At different lengths of the slide, different pitches are formed.