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A tone generator function or software synthesizer plug-in can be used to generate specific frequencies or notes.

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Q: How can different notes or pitches be produced?
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What connects notes of different pitches?

A slur

What articulation connects notes of different pitches?

A slur

How are vibrations produced on the oboe?

The double reed on an oboe produces the sound through vibrations when air is blown through it. Moving the keys produces different pitches and notes

What is the Curved line connecting 2 or more notes of different pitches?

a slur

What is a curved line that connects two notes of different pitches?

Curve line

How a trombone player changes the notes produced by his trombone?

the slide can extend to produce a lower pitch, and it can also retract to produce higher pitches. all brass instruments can also produce different notes by tensing up the lips (higher notes) or by relaxing the lips (lower notes).

Why does a harp have different lengths of string?

the different lenghts play different pitches or notes, the longer the string, the lower the note.

What are the two different ways pitches can be produced on trumpets?

The only way pitches can be produced on a trumpet is through the vibrating lips of the player. That player can change the pitches by either changing their embouchure or by changing which valves are depressed.

Do you get the same musical scale in different octaves?

Yes, the octaves are the same notes but in varying pitches.

How do your vocal cords produced different pitches?

By varying their tension, tighter = higher pitch.

Is the clairnet a medium pitched instrument?

The clarinet can be pitched at different pitches when you play low to high notes

What is the fingring for a tenor saxophone?

All saxophones have the same fingerings, the notes just come out at different pitches :)

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