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Q: How can electric energy change in sound energy?
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How electric energy is change to sound energy?

Electric energy is changed to sound energy by a electromagnetic transducer, a speaker. The speaker moves a magnet that moves the air.

What change in form of energy occurs in a stereo speaker?

Electric Energy to Sound Energy.

In electric bell electric energy is converted into which type of energy?

In electric bell, electrical energy is converted int sound energy.

What kinds of energy does a light bulb change electric energy into?

Light, heat, sometimes small amounts of sound.

Is an x ray solar energy chemical energy mechanical energy electric energy or sound energy?

electric energy

Does an electric iron convert electric energy to heat and motion?

heat(useful energy) and sound(waste energy)

Does electrical energy change into sound?

does electrical energy can change into sound? yes it can

When you turn a CD player you are using this form of energy to produce sound energy?

electric energy converted in to sound energy

How can a loud speaker make sound energy with electric energy?

It converts the electric energy into vibrations which are sound energy.

A buzzer converts electric energy into what?

Mechanical and sound energy.

What is the energy of the electric fan?

Electrical to sound

When the electric fan is on and revolving what energy changes are shown?

Electric energy to mechanical energy, along with some to heat and sound.