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Most credit cards I know of have a 16-digit number. It will often be divided into groups of 4 on the card, but this is mostly for readability. I hope this question isn't an attempt to get someone to provide you with a valid credit card number.

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Q: How can find an example of a credit card number?
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Where can i find my PIN with my new activate credit card in bdo?

were can i get my credit card pin number

How can I find out the name of person from the credit card number?

The name is not encoded in the credit card number. You will have to ask the bank (they should not tell you!)

Where can you find the visa card number on your credit card?

If its not in your card, you could either call the company or ask a store with a credit card machine. :)

Where can you find a site with free music downloads for your ipod without having a credit card or credit card number?

How do you find chassis number with vin?

In the from of your car, its on a metal card like a credit card

Where can credit card users find the MasterCard secure code?

Credit card users can find the secure code in the back of your card the three digest number that is in back of your card.that is were I think you can find the Master card secure code.

Where can one find information on how to apply for a credit card?

There are a number of sites that carry information on how to apply for a credit card. One can find such information on the 'CreditCards' website. One can also find information on the websites of each credit card provider such as MasterCard.

How do you find credit card cvv number if not available?

Zhak marke

How do I find a merchant by their merchant number?

Is it shown on your bank or credit card statements,

How can you find out if someone has used your name to get a credit card?

Get ahold of your credit card company and have them run the name along with the social security number to check the purchases of the card or cards.

How do you find out about an old credit card history if you don't have the card account number?

Write a letter to the credit card company and give them as much information as you can. Chances are they have your record on file.

What are the phone numbers to the major credit card processing companies?

Credit card processing companies have telephone numbers that will vary from country to country. For the best method of determining how to reach your own credit card processor, you can find the phone number on the back of your credit card.