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people put them there or there is a tempoary streem that only apears during hard rain

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Q: How can fish get into a pond with no nearby streams?
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What does it mean to find a koi fish in your yard when you do not have a pond?

A bird grabbed a fish from a pond nearby and flew over your yard and dropped it. Probably a heron.

What do wild fish in streams eat?

Wild fish eat little insects. They also eat algae if they're in a pond. Please improve this answer if you can, thanks:)

Why have your pond fish stayed hidden under the foliage for the last 3 weeks?

Possibly to avoid the direct rays of the sun, and possibly there is a cat nearby that the fish can see.

In harvest moon more friends of mineral town how do you get fish in the fish pond?

To Put A Fish in the Pond: You hold a fish standing next to the fish pond, then press A to drop the fish in the pond To Take a Fish out of the Pond: Stand in front of the brown sign at the pond. Press A and it will ask you what fish you want. Select the fish and you will be holding it.

How did the Iroquois get water?

From nearby streams and rivers.

What kinds of animals live in wood forest?

There are many different species of deer, elk, birds, lizards, chipmunks, and fish in nearby streams or rivers. :)

If you have a fish pond a crane has been at the pond how do you keep away?

how can i keep a crane away from fish pond

If there are ten fish in a pond and seven fish drown how many fish are in the pond?

Ten/Fish do not drown

How tigers get their water?

Rivers, lakes, streams, pond, puddles.

What fish can be pets and live outside?

Koi and pond fish who live in a pond

What fish walks along the seabed?

They dont walk,but some catfish kinda flop around to get to a deeper nearby pond if its a dry season...crabs scuttle arond,but they arnt fish swim,ya.

What types of fish live in mountain streams?

Salmon is a type of fish that lives in mountain streams.

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