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Q: How can i answer the question of what did you do well in school?
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How do you know when a school is full?

Well, you would need to talk to someone who works at the school you are talking about. There you will get your question answered.

Why is school good?

good question, well so you can learn for the future and get a job

Where can you purchase school uniforms to schools such as Chapin Convent of the Sacred Heart and Marymount?

Well, it must mention something about this topic on the website of the school in question. Check the website regularly or email someone who works in the school this question.

What is the worst after school activity?

Well, this is an opinionated question, but I think the worst after school activity is Pom Poms, which is a dance thing at my school. Hey, that's just me.

Should cell be aloud out at school for emergency?

Well the proper response is that actually that is not a fact question, it is a question to be more likely answered by opinion. but yes my opinion would be to let phones in school. But the kids in my school already bring phones to school so, to my school it does not matter

How old was Justin bieber when he finished elementary school?

well, in 2007, he was 12... so does that answer your question?

Where school does Justin Bieber get his clothes?

School? I hope you just mean "Where does Justin Bieber get his clothes?" Well to answer your question he gets them from Pacsun, and South Pole.

How hot does it have to be to cancel school in Australia?

Well it depends. Usually if its an inside school they don't close school days regardless of heat, But if its an outside school and it was 108 degrees then they would question whether or not to skip that day of school

What school does Leo howard go to?

Well, I don't know where he goes to school at, but I can tell you this... That he is still in school. The person who wrote that question asked where he WENT to school. The correct way to type that question would be: Where does he GO to school? Thank you! =)

What were carbon compounds originally obtained from?

Well to be honest i went to school and learned that the answer to that question would be organic compounds.

Is it wrong for a high school junior girl?

Well i think ya forgot to finish the rest of the question there honey

Can work during school days?

well i don't think that anyone will answer that question because they don't know what your asking. but yes you can work on school days like babysiting.