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If they are a fairly recent computer and printer you will use a USB cable to connect one to the other.

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Q: How can i plug in a canon printer into an apple computer?
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Where can one find Canon printer drivers for the computer?

For a Mac, the answer is simple: Just plug the printer into the Mac and the computer will automatically download and install the latest drivers if you are connected to a network. For Windows, the basic printer drivers will be installed when you connect the printer to the computer, however to install the latest drivers you can download them from the Canon Download Centre by selecting your product, and it will display a list of drivers.

What components are used to connect a computer to a printer?

The USB plug that came with the printer

Is a canon i550 printer compatible with Windows Vista Home Basic?

The i550 drive is ALREADY installed in windows vista! Just plug your printer into the computer and turn on your printer. This action will activate the install, and will be ready to use within a minute.

Anything you plug into a computer such as a printer or scanner is a?

External Device

They bought you a canon printer and it did not come with a CD Rom you want to know how to download it so that you can use your printer?

look on the website under support & drivers section. you should be able to do a search for the printer model you require and select which windows version you are using and download the correct driver. plug the power and usb cables into the printer and computer and then you can run the software you downloaded. more than likely, the computer will find the printer automatically when you plug all the cables in, then you can tell the computer when it asks where you saved the download and the software will install.

Where do lexmark printer plug in?

The Lexmark Printer Plug-in is available for Google Play store & other mobile Store it will support for mobile Printing.

What are the possible causes of printer is not responding?

maybe the printers cable is not properly plug on the printer port on the computer

Place to plug in monitor keyboard printer?

Into the various ports on your computer

What are 4 things that you plug into a computer?

Printer, ELMO, Ipad, and a Camera.

How do you use an apple TV?

you plug it in to your computer and the apple tv makes your computer work like a tv

Can you use any keyborad on an apple computer?

As long as you can plug it in, it will likely work with any Apple computer.

How do I connect my office computer to my Wi-Fi-connected printer?

To connect your Wi-Fi connected printer to your office computer, just follow the instructions on the manual. There should be a USB plug that allows you to plug it into the computer and connect it to the Wi-Fi printer. Then follow instructions from manual

How you connected a Lexmark 1200 printer?

You plug it into an available USB port on your computer.

How can one install a Canon printer without a CD?

To install a Canon printer without a CD there are many things that you can do. You can go online and look at a website, many websites now have instructions on what to do. Or if you are on Windows 7 all you need to do is plug in the printer and the software is found automatically through the internet.

Can you reset an apple iPod completely?

no you can not you would have to plug it in to the computer to do that

How do you install a Lexmark 1200 series printer to a computer with Windows Vista Home Basic?

With computer shut down plug in the printer. Cut the computoer on and it should detect the printer. Follow the instructions.

What is a printer interface?

It is the type of plug or socket used to connect a printer to the computer. Two examples are Serial and parallel, etc.

How do you upload clips from a canon gl2 to the computer?

you have to buy a firewire cable. its about $20 at best buy. plug it into your camera the plug the cord on the other end into the computer.

How do you use ePrint on an HP Printer?

Using ePrint with and HP printer is simple. Plug in the printer and connect it to your computer, then just follow the directions as provided on the screen.

How do you hook up a WiFi brother printer to a Dell computer?

plug the thingy into the thingy.

Which does plug-and-play refer to?

Plug and play is referring to plugging in an external USB device (printer, scanner, etc.) without having to switch off the computer first. Previously, you would have to switch off the computer, plug in a printer (for example) using the serial or parallel cable, then switch the computer back on.

How do you use computer printer?

You plug the printer into your computer, or you connected it to the network via Wi-Fi (not all printers are comparable). After that, go into the control panel on your computer and and click on "add a printer", then click on the corresponding printer. If your printer came with a flash drive or a CD, install the driver located on the storage device.

Where does your lexmark Z22 printer plug in?

where does my lexmark Z22 printer plug in

What technology automatically loads the driver when a printer is connected to a Windows XP computer?

plug and play

How do you connect a microphone an apple computer?

Plug it in and go to finder and click on the device there.