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feel it and check if she needs them

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โˆ™ 2009-12-14 03:52:38
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Q: How can i tell my child needs a bra?
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How can you tell when you need a padded bra?

Everyone needs a padded bra, in case somebody decides it would be funny to hit you there.

How do you know when a child needs a bra?

Well it can be at any age. You should ask her to wear a white t-shirt and if you can see a nipple or Breast showing tell her. Also if she says they hurt or if you notice them bouncing around get them a bra. Also if you should get a padded bra from pink by 5th grade

How do you get your child to wear a bra?

You tell them that if they don't their boobs will show through their shirts and dresses.

When do you tell your daughter to where a bra?

When her breasts are developing. You don't want her to get embarrassed in school so if she has a growth spurt i would definitely look like she needs a bra

How do you tell your 7 year old girl that she needs a cup bra?

Give 'er a nipple twist.

Can someone tell you your bra size?

Someone can only tell you your bra size if you get someone in a bra fitting store to measure your breasts with your bra on.

How do a teacher tell a parent their child needs a bath?


How does a nine year old girl tell her mum she wants or needs a bra?

You shouldnt be shy to tell your mom anything ! I honestly dint even have to tell my mom, she just bought me bra's! :P But i think, when you and her are alone,you should tell her this: Hey mom! I was wondering if we can go shopping to buy myself a bra, i think i need one ? And ask her what she thinks! Hope i helped you!

When can you tell your daughter needs a bra?

When she's got breasts. When you can tell from looking at her while she is clothed that she has breasts. When she asks for one. When her breasts start getting tender as they develop.

How do i tell my mum i want a bra?

u tell her

How do you tell your mum you have a bra?

i know it may be hard but tell the truth. tell her you were feeling you needed a bra (so on...or whaterver the case may be.)

How do you tell when you need to go from a training bra to a real bra?

when the training bra's start getting too small, or If they have your size in a regular bra.

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