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feel it and check if she needs them

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Q: How can i tell my child needs a bra?
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How do you know when a child needs a bra?

Well it can be at any age. You should ask her to wear a white t-shirt and if you can see a nipple or Breast showing tell her. Also if she says they hurt or if you notice them bouncing around get them a bra. Also if you should get a padded bra from pink by 5th grade

How do you get your child to wear a bra?

You tell them that if they don't their boobs will show through their shirts and dresses.

How do you tell your 7 year old girl that she needs a cup bra?

Give 'er a nipple twist.

Can someone tell you your bra size?

Someone can only tell you your bra size if you get someone in a bra fitting store to measure your breasts with your bra on.

How does a nine year old girl tell her mum she wants or needs a bra?

You shouldnt be shy to tell your mom anything ! I honestly dint even have to tell my mom, she just bought me bra's! :P But i think, when you and her are alone,you should tell her this: Hey mom! I was wondering if we can go shopping to buy myself a bra, i think i need one ? And ask her what she thinks! Hope i helped you!

How do a teacher tell a parent their child needs a bath?


Friend that you found out does not wear a bra and it looked like she had b or even c cupped breasts and when she bent over you saw everything should you tell her she needs to get a bra cause she is?

nah let the boys have there pleasure

How do you tell your mum you have a bra?

i know it may be hard but tell the truth. tell her you were feeling you needed a bra (so on...or whaterver the case may be.)

How do you tactfully tell one of your senior employees she needs to wear a bra to the office?

you tell her to up her game and that if you wear something in a certain way it will help and benefit you for your job or if you are looking for a partener

How do i tell my mum i want a bra?

u tell her

How do you tell when you need to go from a training bra to a real bra?

when the training bra's start getting too small, or If they have your size in a regular bra.

Who is bra and bulla in dbgt?

Bra is vegeta's youngest child but i dont know about bulla though