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The iron burns explosively,causing a large shower of sparks.


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Get a magnet and put a sheet of paper on top of it (make sure it is level). Then poor iron filings on top of the paper. Where the iron filings clump at will be the poles and where the lines that the iron filings make will be the magnetic field

No. Pure iron filings are an element.

Iron filings are a substance.

Copper filings are not attracted to a magnet, as iron filings are.

Pure iron filings are an element - iron. (This assumes they are iron filings and not steel filings, because steel contains elements other than iron.) If you expose these filings to air with moisture in it for any length of time, they will soon become iron oxide filings - a compound.

No, iron filings are not soluble in water.

Iron filings may be pure elemental iron, it depends on the source of the iron.

Aluminum and iron can be differentiated because iron is magnetic and aluminum is not. To separate them, expose the filings to a magnetic source and the iron will separate.

Iron filings may or may not be pure. The ones used in experiments with magnets may not be pure iron. Most iron filings may have a few impurities. But iron (Fe) filings that are reagent grade will be very pure iron metal.

Iron filings don't dissolve in water.

Iron filings come from Iron that has been through some sort of machinery that has been used to shape it and the filings are the leftovers.

You could use a magnet to separate iron filings and aluminum filings. Iron is magnetic, but aluminum is not.

use a magnet...iron filings will attatch to it, sugar won't...... use water ,... sugar will dissolve, iron filings won't

Sulfur and iron filings together are a mixture.

You get a mixture of iron filings and salt water.

The iron filings have more surface area for the oxygen to combine with the iron.

Pure iron filings will be attracted to a magnet; but pieces of iron carbonate will not.

No, Iron is an element.

Hover a magnet over the pile, the iron filings will be attracted to it, but the sand won't, so you will be left with a pile of sand and a magnet covered in iron filings.

separate iron filings AND ash from water by filtration or evaporation then, if required, separate iron filings from ash by using a magnetic field,

First, place the sulfur, sand and iron filings in a plastic container. Next, use a magnet to remove the iron filings from the sulfur-sand mixture and surely,the iron filings will connect to the magnet, leaving the sulfur and sand behind.

If they are iron filings, you can use the property of magnetism to remove the iron filings using a magnet. You will need to rinse the iron filings with water after you remove them with the magnet in order to completely remove the sawdust from them.

You separate sand from iron filings with a magnet since iron is magnetic it should come and be attracted to your magnet.

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