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Each mineral is different...

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Color of rocks?

rocks has got a lot of colors but the color depends on the basis of the mineral/chemical composition which they contain.forenstance igneous rocks can be of melanocratic mesocratic leuocratic

What characteristics do geologists use to identify rocks?

Geologists look for mineral composition, color, and texture to identify rocks.

What are the five ways to define rocks?

color, texture, grains, mineral composition, and origin.

What 3 things do you look at to key out igneous rocks?

color texture and mineral composition

Why are some igneous rocks dark and others light?

The color will depend on the mineral composition of the magma.

What 3 characteristics do geologists use to classify rocks?

They use the mineral composition, color, and texture.

How does weathering affect mineral composition of rocks?

well in my believe you can think something else but weathering does NOT affect minerals!! :P

What makes some igneous rocks have different colors?

The color of igneous rocks is based on the rate of cooling and mineral composition of the parent magma.

What is the composition of rocks?

Rocks vary in composition depending the availability and type of mineral present during their formation.

How does a rocks color provide clues to a rocks mineral composition?

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What is the mineral composition of granite?

the mineral composition of granite isfeldspar,diamond,talc,chalk and other plutonic rocks

What characteristics are used to identify rocks?

Using color, texture, and mineral composition, geologist can classify a rock according to is origin

What is the mineral composition of conglomerate?

The composition of conglomerate will vary with the rocks which make up the conglomerate.

What is an iceberg's composition and color?

An iceberg composition is almost entirely ice, with some rocks and other material's. white in color and the color of the rocks and minerals.

How are igneous rocks classified according to composition-?

Igneous Rocks by Composition. Igneous rocks are classified according to their mineral content: Ultramafic rocks are dominated by olivine and/or pyroxene.

Identification of igneous rocks?

Igneous rocks are identified by their texture and mineral/chemical composition.

What determines the color of an igneous rock?

Color is often an indicator of the composition of a rock or mineral and can be effectively used to identify the composition of most igneous rocks. Light colors, including white, light gray, tan and pink, indicate a felsic composition.

Which composition of igneous rocks is dark in color?

Mafic igneous rocks are dark in color

How does mineral composition affect the weatherability of rocks?

The minerals that are in a rock will influence how quick it weathers. Strong materials will not weather as quickly as loose materials.

How do igneous rocks get their color?

Igneous rocks get their color based upon the mineral content of the igneous rocks.

Do all igneous rocks have the same mineral compostition?

Igneous rock can vary greatly in mineral composition.

How do rocks differ?

Shape, size, density, mineral composition, method of formation, degree of erosion, degree of metamorphism, color, smell, location, origin.

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