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air, water etc. can move object. Example: A ping pong ball is on a table. Blow on the ball it moves.

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Q: How can move objects without touching them?
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Do hot objects move heat to other objects without touching them?


How do you move things without touching them or blowing them?

Other alternatives, apart from touching and blowing, include interactions with other objects (for example, when you pull a tablecloth, the objects on top of it will move; or you can hit an object with another object), and magnetism. Also electrostatic energy can move objects.

What psychic power can one use to harm others with their mind?

A telekinetic can move objects without touching them, but he cannot touch the intangible. These powers are meaningless.

What objects are similar because they are both areas where forces can act without objects touching?

electric current

Why is gravitation an example of a nonxontact force?

It acts on objects at a distance without touching them.

How do you move a ping pong ball without touching it?

Blowing it?

Can you move a can without touching it?

Yes, using a magnet or wind or water.

How can a magnet move something without touching it?

Electromagntic waves/ forces

When two objects transfer electrons without touching?

This process is called induction by an electrical field.

What does telekinesis mean?

Telekinesis ("distance moving") is a type of paranormal mental ability seen only in science fiction: the ability to move objects by thought, without touching them.

What do the letters ESP stand for?

Especially. Experience tells the meaning of the letters esp. Esp stands for extrasensory perception. This is the ability to read minds, move objects without touching them and other things of that sort.

When radiation occurs between two objects do the two objects need to be touching.?

The answer to this question is no. Radiation can occur when objects are not touching