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There are many ways one can refinance a home loan with bad credit. One can visit websites such as FHA or Mortgage Digger to get more information and apply for a loan.

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Q: How can one with bad credit refinance a home loan?
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How can one get a auto loan refinance with a bad credit?

One can get an auto loan refinance with bad credit from several providers of this type of loan from such companies as, Road Loans, Get Me Car Finance and Midland Credit.

Where can one find information regarding Florida home loan refinance?

One can find information regarding Florida home loan refinance when one goes to the site of bankrate dot com. This site offers tips on how to refinance home loan even though one has bad credit.

How can a person refinance bad credit?

The best way to refinance bad credit is to take out a loan from a company or bank that is willing to work with you. There are many companies to look at depending on the item you want to refinance.

Where is it possible to refinance a home mortgage if someone has bad credit?

There are many places a person can go to refinance a home mortgage if they have bad credit. Bad Credit OK and Quicken Loans are two websites a person can use to help refinance their home mortgage.

Where can one go to get a bad credit refinance auto loan?

A person can try Road Loans the website to get a loan to refinance their car while they have bad credit. One can also try BankRate, Harbor Credit, eLoan, or use Auto Credit Finders.

Where can I find a bad credit home loan?

You can find a bad credit home loan at

How can I refinance my home with bad credit?

This is the website that I found most helpful when looking for information on how to refinance with bad credit. here is the website - Cached.

Where could one get refinance loans information for bad credit?

There are many options for refinancing loans even with bad credit. The webpages Road Loans, Refinance Mortgages, Mortgage Loan, and Zillow all offer options to individuals with bad credit.

Can you refinance your home with bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to refinance with bad credit, however you may be dealing with some very high interest rates from hard-equity lenders. There will have to be enough equity in the home and the loan to value ratio that the lender will allow will generally be less than if you were dealing with a more traditional lender.

What is the difference between an FHA home equity loan and traditional home equity loan?

An FHA home equity loan differs from a traditional equity loan in that it allows homeowners with bad credit to refinance their mortgage, and can be practical for people wanting to purchase a new home or repair their existing one.

Is it possible to refinance a home even with bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to refinance a home with bad credit or no credit at all. However, it isn't that easy and interest rates are often quite a bit higher than they are for those with great credit.

How can one UK resident refinance a home with bad credit?

It is increasingly difficult to refinance a home or obtain a mortgage with bad credit. In the UK, it is possible to obtain something known as a bad credit unsecured loan. Unfortunately, these have a high interest rate and a relatively short repayment period.