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If you meditate on the importance of Jesus and what he represents while receiving the Eucharist, this will help you grow closer to Jesus.

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Q: How can receiving the eucharist help you grow closer to Jesus?
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Blank the faith will help you grow closer to God.?

I cant grow closer to God because I am already a part of It!

What are the two ways the Eucharist helps us to grow in holiness and act with justice?

In holy communion, we receive the gift of Jesus Christ himself and are joined more deeply to him. All who have received him in the eucharist are strenghtend as the body of christ. The holy spirit unites us in our love for christ

How did Jesus make us closer to God?

Sin is in our life, and because of sin we can't be close to God. Jesus came to earth to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. When Jesus died on the cross he took away the sins of the world. All we have to do is accept Jesus to be our Lord and savior. When we do that we then have a relationship with God! We can pray through Jesus straight to God. We will also grow closer to him the more we talk to him. If you obey listen and talk to God you will be close to him. The first step is to accept Jesus and publicly be baptized in His name.

What is a special time to live out our baptisimal promises and to grow closer to jesus through prayer fasting and penenace?

The special time to do so is during the time on has a freely relaxed mind.

What are two ways the Eucharist helps us to grow in happiness and act with justice?

In holy communion,the holy spirit

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Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God will grow with proper care and feeding.

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U cant

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get a bible you fool

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