How can reduce SGOT and SGPT?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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my sgot is 118 sgpt is 209 and alkalin phosphate is 138. Please help me to reduce my sgpt n sgot.

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Q: How can reduce SGOT and SGPT?
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How can reduce SGOT and?

my sgot is 118 sgpt is 209 and alkalin phosphate is 138. Please help me to reduce my sgpt n sgot.

High sgot sgpt?

The high SGOT and SGPT are usually as a result of either a sick liver or heart.

What is meant by sgpt and sgot?

SGOT= Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase. SGPT= Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase.

What sgot mean in tagalog?

Sgot tagalog and sgpt tagalog

What is the difference between SGOT and SGPT blood test for liver?

SGOT and SGPT are blood test to determine inflammation or injury of the lever. The SGOT measures aspartate aminotransferase and the SGPT measures alanine aminotransferase.

Normal limit of SGOT SGPT?

SGOT normal range 5-40 u/l SGPT normal range 5-40 u/l

Why SGOT and SGPT count increases?

When the liver gets damaged or injured or if it is producing in excess, these enzymes leak out into the blood and the levels of SGOT and SGPT become elevated.

Your sgpt level is 110 now what to do?

Gluose (f) 112 uric acid 6.5 sgot (ast) 50 sgpt (alt)

What does a low SGPT level on a liver function test mean?

Low levels of SGPT and SGOT may indicate deficiency of vitamin B6.

How can you cure SGPT and SGOT?

Base on my experience i lessen my SGPT and SGOT in the the following: during my medical examination i found out that i have elevated SGPT(203) and SGOT(168). after 1 week:SGPT(207) and SGOT(165) I undergo ultrasound. after 2 weeks:SGPT(234) and SGOT(170) after 3 weeks:SGPT(165) and SGOT(90) without eating rice. I only ate oats and pineapple juice. Before I have difficulties in breathing, and now... no more...the doctor said, i have that high level of SGPT and SGOT due to drinking too much of the alcoholic drinks but i already stop 6months ago. Another thing is because of eating foods w/c is high in cholesterol level and fatty foods. At present, my SGPT is now 34 and my SGOT is 40. In addition to this my cholesterol level is 200 w/c is still in normal level(0-200). My eating habits are the following: avoid fatty/oily foods,e.g. coconut milk,fried rice,fry foods,milk,hicken skin avoid eating foods w/c is high in cholesterol level like avocado,potato,big fish and etc. eat/drinkthose rich in fibers: oats, pineapple juice,vegetables especially those green leafy vegetables. half-cook food is better. I hope I can help anyone.

Definition of hepadiet medicine?

my liver enzymes is higher sgot 132 sgpt 186 related to faty liver can the hepadiet resolve this problem

Which lab test is specific to hepatocellular damage?

Typically, the liver function tests include monitoring SGOT and SGPT. In addition, globulin and bilirubin are monitored.