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Remove the alarm, i did the same in my altima,the alarm box is located under the dash by the steering column, is a little black box, disconnect the terminal and you will be ok.

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2010-04-17 21:00:47
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Q: How can the Anti Theft System be deactivated on a 1993 Nissan Altima?
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How do you deactivate anti theft alarm system for 95 Nissan Altima gxe?

How to deactivate an anti theft system from a 1995 Nissan altima gxe

How do you reset the anti-theft on a 1997 Nissan Altima GSE?

How do i reset my anti-theft system in my 1997 nissan altima se?

How do you deactivate key anti-theft system Chrysler dodge neon?

It can not be deactivated or disabled.

What does code P1610 and P1614 mean for an altima 02?

It means that your NATS (Nissan Anti Theft System) Is faulty, usually do to a bad key or u gotta use the original Nissan Key. Its a problem with your alarm.

How do you disable an anti theft system on a 2000 Altima GXE that sounds off even while driving and the keyless entry will not turn off?

You can simply pull all of the anti-theft fuses out to disable the theft system on a 2000 Altima GXE if it is factory installed. If it is something aftermarket, simply take it out.

How do you turn off the theft deterant system in a 1999 Mitsubishi Spyder eclipse?

The tds is activated/ deactivated with the remote attached to the key.

How do you reset the code on a 2004 Nissan Maxima anti theft?

The only way to reset the code on a 2004 Nissan Maxima's anti theft system is by taking it to the dealership.

How do you disconnect the Nissan anti theft system on your Nissan sunny ex 2000 model?

hit it with a large hammer

Can you put a remote starter on a 2009 Nissan Altima?

Yes, but it can be more trouble than its worth many aftermarket systems cause problems by bypassing factory anti theft

Does the 1995 Nissan maxima have an anti-theft system?

Yes, with the exception of the 5-speed GXE.

How do you disconnect the anti theft system on a 1992 Nissan Maxima GXE?

Go to and ask the question there.

How do you disconnect an anti-theft system for a 2001 Nissan Maxima?

punch the owner take key then car.

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