How can the radiation hurt you?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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buildings can fall on you or other objects

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Q: How can the radiation hurt you?
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Can small amounts of radiation hurt you?

no it can't

What is Japan radiation?

Radiation is when nuclear leaks into the air and you inhale it it hurts you and can kill you. You experience radiation all the time! In x-rays! But the radiation in those are so less that it can't hurt you.

How should you eat after radiation?

Radiation does nothing but hurt your body and cost money. You should eat slowly for risk of throwing up.

Can you take radiation with belly button piercing?

No you can't. You can hurt yourself. xD

Why do eyes hurt from working with PC?

- It is because of the radiation that produced by the monitor of our PC

Can science gas hurt you?

yes it can your lungs could breath it in a cause radiation

Can EMF radiation hurt you?

Absolutely they can and with 5G rolling out it's only going to get worse. have a video explaining it on my either one of my bio links.

Is all radiation harmful What if any are some good forms of radiation?

-- Radiation at frequencies below 1.7 MHz is good because it helps us hear the news on AM radio. -- Radiation at frequencies between 88 and 108 MHz helps us hear music on FM radio. -- Radiation at frequencies around 1 GHz helps us make cell phone calls. -- Radiation at frequencies around 2.45 GHz helps us heat meatloaf and make popcorn, and it can't hurt us if we're careful with it. -- Radiation with wavelengths between 400 and 800 nanometers is good because it helps us see things so that we don't go around bumping into them. -- Radiation with wavelengths between 300 and 400 nanometers can give our skin a nice healthy glow, and it can't hurt us if we're careful with it. -- Radiation with wavelengths between 100 and 300 nanometers can help the doctor check our bones, and it can't hurt us if we're careful with it. -- Radiation with wavelengths less than maybe 350 nanometers can hurt us if we're not careful with it.

How do waves affect people?

They can harm you if you use phones too much radiation comes of the phone and can hurt you.

Does watching TV too close hurt your eyes or other parts of the face?

it can hurt your eyes if your too close because the tv gives off a radiation that can give you cancer

What happens to a stage 4 non small cell lung cancer patient if he continues to drink alcohol while on chemotherapy or radiationtherapy?

If the patient continues to drink while doing radiation therapy his throat will hurt. Radiation already will burn the esophagus, and when you combine that with alcohol, it will hurt. If it hurts, the patient wont go in for treatments, too many inconsistencies with radiation treatment and it will be ineffective.

Do regular headphones create radiation?

Yes. Radio wave radiation. And the screen you're looking at has light radiation. And if your monitor is the old tube type, then you've got a bit of x-ray (cathode ray) radiation to boot. Please learn what the word radiation means.