How can water be used efficiently?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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drinking it i guess, or mabye a water turbine to generate electricity?

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Q: How can water be used efficiently?
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Does water can be used efficiently in fluid power system?

Not used for water hydraulic system. 1 - is the oxidizing system. 2 - When the bubble moves. 3 - Power does not transfer well.

What does water store efficiently?

Water stores well anywhere.

Which type of foundation is suitable for water-logged area?

Usuallay nowadays pier foundation is most efficiently used in the water logged areas,but in olden days well foundatio was used.. Rupesh kr.

What is used of measuring cylinder in laboratory?

White lightning. The gallon jug is preffered.

Which describes the resource when the benefit of its use is greater than the opportunity cost?

being used efficiently <3

Can water be an electrical conductor using direct current?

Water can conduct current, but not as efficiently as a copper wire. There are some applications where a small current is used to sense the level of water through a conductor in an insulated container.

How can nuclear be used more efficiently?


What is efficiently transported due to the circulation of the ocean water?


Can water be used as fuel in internal combustion engine?

Today - no. But they are working on it. If they can find a way to efficiently separate the hydrogen from the oxygen you can run a vehicle on the hydrogen.

How do you work efficiently?

If you like and love the job you will surely do the jod efficiently..

How is water used in the human body and why is it so important?

Water is used by the body's cells to help them function. Water helps protect and lubricate certain parts of the body, such as the spine and joints. Also, drinking enough water will help the body efficiently flush out waste through the intestines, kidneys, and sweat glands.

How can fossil fuel be used more efficiently?

by using it effectively