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What factors influence where an organism lives in an aquatic ecosystem?


Aquatic ecosystem are primarily determined by what characteristics of the overlying water?

Aquatic ecosystem are primarily determined by the temperature, flow, chemistry, and the depth of the overlying water.

Abiotic factors in an aquatic ecosystem?

water, rocks,temperature, mathane,

Which of the following is a factor that influences where an organism lives in an aquatic ecosystem?


What is aquatic ecosystems?

An aquatic ecosystem is an ecosystem located in bodies of water. Types of aquatic ecosystems are The Marine Ecosystem and The Freshwater Ecosystem.

How do plankton help the aquatic ecosystem?

they provide food for the animals in the food chain of the animals living in the ocean

What is the relationship between temperature and dissolved oxygen in an aquatic ecosystem?

The higher the temperature, the less oxygen and vice versa

What are the four main factors that affects aquatic ecosystem?

sunlight, nutrients, temperature and carbon

What animals live in the fresh water stream ecosystem?

fish's and other aquatic creatures.

What are abiotic factors in a aquatic ecosystem?

Abiotic factos are factors which are not caused by living processes. Some examples in an aquatic ecosystem might be temperature, light, mineral composition of the surrounding earth etc.

What is a coral reef ecosystem?

An ecosystem is like a community, there are food chains and different temperatures, plants and animals to keep each other alive. A coral reef ecosystem contains fish, coral,ect. The coral is home to fish and the fishes are food to other fishes or aquatic animals. The water is a pecific temperature to keep the animals and plants that live there alive.

What are drifting animals called?

Drifting animals are called Zooplanktons. These include protozoa and tiny crustaceans found in Littoral (Near-shore) zone in aquatic ecosystem. These are source of food for other aquatic animals.

What are the abiotic factors in an aquatic ecosystem?

abiotic environmental factors would be temperature, salinity, and flow.

Aquatic ecosystems are primarily determined by what characteristics of the overlying water?

aquatic ecosystem are determined primarily by the depth, flow, temperature, and chemistry of the overlying water.

Which aquatic ecosystem is the warmest?

Desert Ecosystem

Can the nitrogen cycle run off from a terrestrial to an aquatic ecosystem and enrich the aquatic ecosystem?

Yes it can.

What ecosystem does chickens belong in?

Chickens belong in the terrestrial ecosystem. This is the same ecosystem in which humans and other such animals belong. The other type of ecosystem is the aquatic ecosystem. From here you will find other sub categories of ecosystems that are used by scientists to classify animals, plants, and other living organisms.

What factors affect life in aquatic ecosystem?

Some factors that affect life in an aquatic ecosystem is food availability, pollution and the types of pollution that enter the system, amount of salt in the system, temperature of the water, and other factors.

What are three names of aquatic ecosystems?

Aquatic ecosystem is broadly divided in two major class Marine ecosystem Fresh water ecosystem now fresh water ecosystem again sub divided into lentic ecosystem, and lotic ecosystem Aquatic ecosystem is also studied under hydrobiology

What does the word diversty mean when you are talking about an aquatic ecosystem?

What does the word diversty mean when you are talking about an aquatic ecosystem?

How do aquatic ecosystems work?

Explain how a aquatic ecosystem works.

What are 5 biotic and 5 abiotic factors of Aquatic ecosystem?

Five biotic factors in an aquatic ecosystem are diseases, competition, decomposition, predation and symbiosis. On the other hand, abiotic factors are temperature, wind, salinity, water depth and pH.

What are aquatic animals?

Aquatic animals are animals that live in water.

What is a 7 letter word for watery ecosystem?

an aquatic ecosystem

What is the specialty of aquatic animals?

Speciality of aquatic animals is that they can swim.

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