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How can you apply for Manchester United football academy?

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By playing game and giving trail.I have the capacity to play like Cristiano Ronaldo .

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i love to play in manchester united

I want to know what is necessary for me apply in this club

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They will have scouts near the area and they will find you.

Yes, you can apply to the academy until you are 22. The rule is you have to graduate before you are 27.

By filling out an application

Go to the Arsenal academy website and you will find an application form, fill that out and wait for an email to see whether you have been accepted for a trial or not, if you have then you go to them, and if you pass your in, its an easy process. My trials are in a month so i know the strategy is correct. It has nothing to do with who you support.i want to play the academy for my arsenal.because am a good player in Ghana and i want play the academy.

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if you want to play for them first you have to play for a local club and play matches and sometimes scouts come from arsenal man u and chelsea to watch these matches if you play they will ask you to train with them and if that goes well they will ask you to play for them good luck on getting in

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