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How to answer this??? I'm going to take a shot. You are or think you are gay and think you want to change??? Personal opinion only, you have to answer for yourself. You are who you are, don't try to change to fit in or to satisfy someone else or be what they think you should be. You can pretend and live a hetrosexual lifestyle, but that will not change who you are. Make your own decisions for your life. Doing what someone else tells you to do or living by their standards is not only foolish, it's impossible. Everyone will have a different set of rules for you to live by and that leads to the nut house. If I'm on the right track, I speak from experience. If I'm way off base, sorry. How can you be hetrosexual? Have sex with the opposite sex.

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Why do people hate bis?

Because you are either heterosexual or heterosexual.

Can a heterosexual person be described as straight?

heterosexual people = people who are straight

Are males gay or heterosexual?

Some males are gay, but most are heterosexual.

How do you spell heterosexual is this correct?

Yes you have written the correct spelling for heterosexual.

Is David Archuleta heterosexual?

Yes, David Archuleta es heterosexual (straight).

What does the word heterosexual mean?

Heterosexual means you are only attracted to the opposite sex.

What is the sexual orientation of Temari?

Temari (???) is heterosexual.

How do use heterosexual in a sentence?

the man i met at the party last night was heterosexual

Was William Shakespeare heterosexual?

He was heterosexual enough to get his girlfriend pregnant before marrying her.

What is hetarosexual mean?

The word "heterosexual" is the Hindi translated word of "heterosexual". Heterosexual is defined as a romantic or sexual attraction of two people of opposite genders.

What is a heterosexual?

Someone who fancies the opposite gender. So they cant be gay or lesbian if they are heterosexual.

A heterosexual has sexual partners of both sexes?

They are called bi-sexual, instead of heterosexual.

What was Cory Monteith's sexual orientation?

Cory Monteith was heterosexual.No, he was heterosexual.Yes, he was straight.

A sentence using the word heterosexual?

You are heterosexual (Im guessing) Plus, that question is one!

Another name for a man that likes women?

A heterosexual is a man who is attracted to a woman. A heterosexual. Or straight.

How do you use the prefix hetero in a sentence?

hetero is just another term for Heterosexual. Plants are Heterosexual organisms.

How do you spell heterosexual?

That is the correct spelling of "heterosexual" (those with romantic or sexual interest exclusively in the opposite gender).

What is a straight girl?

When referring to a straight girl you mean that she is heterosexual. If she is not heterosexual she may be considered homosexual or bisexual.

When was Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall?

Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall was created in 1987.

Are the hardys married?

No. They are Heterosexual.

Is Elton John is a heterosexual?


Is Britney Spears lesbian or heterosexual?

She has been in plenty of relationships with men. I think it's safe to say heterosexual.

What is the medical term meaning straight?

The medical term for straight is Heterosexual.The term for being straight, sexually, is heterosexual.

Do gay people get pregnant?

Yes -- if they have heterosexual intercourse. And a lot of gay people have had at least one heterosexual experience.

When was Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall created?

Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall was created in 1987.