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You can beat it with Ground type Pokemon or Fire type Pokemon easily.

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Q: How can you beat meta gross in pokemon ruby?
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Do you have to beat the Pokemon league in ruby and Pokemon FireRed to trade?

you only have to beat the elite 4 on Pokemon fire red not ruby

How do you beat Pokemon Ruby?

you play it

Where to beat elite four on pokemon ruby?

The Pokemon League

Do you have to beat the game Pokemon buby to trade with Pokemon Colosseum?

I'm going to assume you mean "Pokemon Ruby" in your question. Anyway, to trade between Ruby and XD, you must beat Pokemon XD and defeat the champion in Ruby.

Do you have to beat Pokemon Ruby to put Pokemon onto Pokemon Diamond?

No, but you must get to a certain point in Pokemon Diamond to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby.

What do you do on Pokemon ruby after you beat Wallace?

Go to the Elite 4, and beat them.

What can you do after you beat Pokemon ruby?

you can beat the elite four and,travel around the Pokemon world and catch every kind of Pokemon you like

How do beat may in Pokemon ruby?

well it depends what pokemon do u have and what moves do they have.

How do you beat team magmas base in Pokemon ruby?

by having strong Pokemon

What if you already beat the battle tower in pokemon ruby?

beat it again. nothing will happen

Is there a cheat to beat the elite four in Pokemon ruby?

no there isn't

How do you active fly in Pokemon Ruby?

you beat the sixth gym