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If you think you want to become bulimic, then it's strongly recommended you seek professional help. Bulimia is a serious eating disorder that could possibly kill you.

It's not COOL to be bulimic. So many girls nowadays brag about their eating disorders in some kind of EMO trend. Please don't. If you are bulimic then you need some serious help.

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How Can you become bulimic?

People become bulemic out of a neurotic fear of becoming fat. Don't make yourself sick, folks.

What was president Kennedy weaknesses?

He was annorexic and bulemic

How do you become bulemic?

you should not and can not become bulimic. it's developed over time due to many different factors. you shouldn't want to be involved with the disorder at all, seek mental attention.

Did josh ramsay have an eating disorder?

Yes he was bulemic

What starts with b and ends in c?

There are lots of words. Bucolic and bulemic are two examples. I am sure you can find more.

Is it better to be anorexic or bulemic?

Neither. Both are very dangerous eating disorders with devastating and potentially life-threatening consequences.

What makes people bulemic?

Bulimia is a mental illness and like all mental illnesses there are a number of causes and vary from individual to individual.

Can you get sick if your bulemic?

You can get very sick if you are bulimic, and you can even die of it. Bulimia causes the electrolytes in your blood to become out of balance. Electrolytes are substances that affect the amount of water in your body, blood pH, muscle action, and other important processes. Please see the related link below.

Why 16 years old but do not have menstruation?

Many reasons. You may be pregnant. You may have lost your period if your anorexic or bulemic. You could be infertile. The first two are most likely. And if you really are anorexic or bulemic, you don't need that. If you need to be super-skinny, that's the wrong guy for you. And I'm no adult, I'm 16 as well. Use some judgment and realize that you do need to impres a guy, and you don't need one.

Why does the body need potassium?

Potassium lets muscles contract and expand. Without potassium, the heart could not pump and would fail. This is seen in bulemic individuals with extreme potassium deficiences.

How much weight would you lose if you were bulemic for a week?

It is hard to tell since it really comes down to calories taken in versus calories expended through exersie. Still, bulimia is a very dangerous eating disorder and not a safe or effective means of weight loss.

If you're a 5'2 girl and 12-years-old and are 102 pounds is this considered overweight?


Bulimic and gaining weight?

If you are bulemic, your body isn't getting any nourishment. It's response is to hold on to it's fat stores (and possibly take as much fat as it can out of the food while it's in your stomach) because it thinks that there is not going to be any food for a while. It's a survival technique.

If I made myself vomit once will I have future problems?

If you only did it once, it is not an indication of anorexia. Anorexia is an anxiety disorder in which the anorexic is exhibiting behaviors about control. Your weight is not an item to be controlled in this fashion. If you are a healthy weight, controll issues need to be addressed with a mental health professional. But one episode of induced vomiting is not an indicator that you are anorexic or bulemic.

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