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If you want to improve studies, then follow this step:

1. Once you come back from school, have a 5 to 10 min shower.

2.Get a good lunch

3. Go to your table, and take out all the textbooks and exercise books out on your table.

4.Look at what you did or learned today.

5. Answer questions that you don't really know.

There you go! that's how to improve your studies!!! make sure you repeat this everyday!

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First, figure out what sort of student you are now.

Are you:

  1. Already taking notes, doing your homework, and trying to keep up? Then you probably just need to budget your time and prioritize your work. Keep an assignment notebook, and write down all of your due dates onto a large calendar so that you will know exactly what is due on which date. You can then plan when to begin each one so that it gets done on time, and when to begin studying for those exams!
  2. Doing some work, but not really working at it? You should put more effort into your grades, and set aside a specific time each day for schoolwork. Treat it as a job, and "go to work" each day after school. You're only in school for seven hours, and adults work nine to twelve hour days most of the time -- you should think about that when you start thinking how unfair it is to have homework! Make an assignment notebook as in the above paragraph, and keep a calendar. Take good notes (see the related questions at the bottom) and use them to study by. Make a Study Deck (see the end of this question) for any exams.
  3. Not working at all, and in danger of failing? Wake up and smell the coffee, pal! This is the beginning of your life, here, and if you fail at it, you start off behind everybody else, and it's awfully hard to catch up if you do that! You should read lots of these Learning Tip questions - I have some linked below - and learn how to take good notes in class so that you can study from them, how to organize your homework and get it done each day, and how to study for tests. I'm putting one great method of study below because it's useful no matter what level of student you are. If you've been a poor student up until now, don't lose hope! Anyone can turn around and change - wanting to is half your battle, so you're halfway to success right now.
Making a Study Deck:Here is a great method of studying anything - vocabulary, terms, dates, formulae, whatever you need to memorize!
  • Buy some index cards -- some people like to cut each card in half and have smaller cards.
  • On one side of each card, write the word, term, date, whatever you have to learn. On the other side, write the answer.
  • Keep this deck of cards with you all the time!
  • Whenever you have a few minutes of time - when waiting in line at the fast food kiosk, while riding the bus, car, or subway, or when waiting in the doctor's office - whenever you have a moment free, go through the deck. You don't have to do the whole deck at once, which is the beauty of the plan!
  • If you know the answer to a card without looking, turn that card upside down and put it at the very back of the deck.
  • If you don't know a card, study the answer on the back of the card for a few moments. Then, place that card back into the middle of the deck so that you will see it again later.
  • Once all of the cards are upside down, you will know the information!
  • You can also use the deck with a study-buddy to quiz each other.
These are really great tips. I also have an addition to make. Having a study partner and guide in the form of a private, in-home tutor is a great addition to your study regimen. Just make sure though that you hire a qualified tutor.
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There are a number of things you can do to improve your academic achievement. You can study more often for example.

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Study skills help you do a better job of obtaining, retaining, and applying information

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Q: How can you begin the process of improving your study skills?
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It is normal for any student to struggle with new topics from time to time; that is why is vital for them to develop good study skills. Study skills are the skills that you need in order for you to enable to study and learn efficiently. Without good study skills, you would have a difficult time with learning and understanding new concepts/lessons/topics. The importance of study skills should not be underestimated.

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You'll have an easier time obtaining, retaining, and applying information. Your grades will improve. Your self-discipline will improve, which will help you complete tasks throughout your life.

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