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You can examine the machines to be sure they are working properly, but if there are no paper ballots to confirm the results are accurate, there is no way to check the quality.

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Q: How can you check quality of the election process?
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Who checks quality of election process?

federal elections commission states secretary of state

What is the definition of election process?

The election process is the process in which an average person goes and votes

Who controls the election process?

The control of the election process varies depending on the type of election and where it is taking place.

What is process quality?

process for quality improvement and quality assurance

What are the objectives of Information System auditing?

-To check policies & rules. -To check the process properly working or not. -To check quality of product. -To check the financial document. -To check accuracy of data.

What is the overall purpose and importance of election law in the american process?

provide structure to election process and insure the process is fair to all

How had the American election process changed by the election of 1824?

it didnt

What is the differences between product quality and process quality?

Product quality is the quality of the final product made. While Process quality means the quality of every process involved in the manufacturing of the final product.

What is the election process in Alberta?

The election process in Alberta is free and fair and is usually through the secret ballot.

Which institution in India conducts the election process?

The election commission.

What is the election process?


What is the essential difference between the nominating and the election stages in the political process?

The nominating process determines who will run in the election to fill a position. The election process determines who will be selected from among the nominees for the position

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