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you have to go to the teacher of your second school and press x you should see that schools main spells and if you have training points you can buy (learn) the spells. The reason i say main schools is because you dont get quest spells just main spells good luck and best school is fire my name is blaze dragon breath add meh cya

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You can only change your secondary school with crowns.

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Q: How can you choose your secondary school in wizard101?
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Can you get a hydra when your secondary school is balance but your original is death in wizard101?

No but you can get a life

What level do you get SUNBIRD on wizard101?

you get sunbird at level 10 on wizard101, you have to be in the fire school, like you can have it as your first or secondary school, but you do have to have it as your school to get sunbird because you have to get the spells b4 it in order to get sunbird.

What are the new schools in wizard101?

The new school is Star, Moon, and Sun. They are the secondary schools you can train, but you can't make a wizard that uses them as a school of focus (as in a Moon wizard).

How do you switch shools on wizard101?

you can't change your school of focus(aka your main school)butnyou can change your secondary school by buying back your training points from Mr. Lincoln in golem court.

Can you choose which server you are on wizard101?


How do you get the spell polymorph on wizard101?

get a card from the moon school, it's lik getting spells from a secondary school, cause moon is only secondary.or get a treasure card from the market or another player or a drop

Where is the balence school in wizard101?

it is in krokotopia

What is a good necromancer game?

wizard101,choose death for main type.

Is roblox better or wizard101?

You decide roblox you can build wizard101 you cant well you choose you can try playing with both to see if you like the game.

Where is the death school on wizard101?

Its behind the waterfall in the commons

Who is the fire school teacher in wizard101?

Dalia Falmea

When was Deyi Secondary School created?

Deyi Secondary School was created in 1980.