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I know they do have certain kinds of pills you can take up to 5 days before you have to drug screen and it will clean you out. My personal experience- i smoke (smoked) marijuana ALOT and about a week before I had to take a drug test I just drank ALOT of water and cranberry juice. I passed. I just drank enough for 3 days until my urine was just water. the last 2 days i drank how i normally would. One of my friends takes cranberry pills also with the juice and water. I've heard its supposed to take 30 days to get out of your system but that's just my personal experience.

In addition to the answer above, I've had a friend use Niacin pills (available at any drug store or Wal Mart) a few hours before a piss test, he took like 6 of them, now this doesn't prove that it works, we were in the military at the time and they take a sample from EVERYONE but that doesn't mean that they test it all. But it could work. Sometimes even your local smoke shop may have a detox pill or something like that, also "High Times" magazine has alot of advertisements that look convincing. I've heard to have salt on your finger and piss on it as your pissing in the cup and that should void the test, you may have to re-test, but at least it'll give you another day or so. I've also heard of the cranberry drink being useful. Or if you're crazy enough, get someone's urine that is "clean" and fill a condom with their pee, tie it off and put it in hot water until you pull up in the parking lot of the urine test place, just to ensure warm pee, if it's cold, they'll know it when they take the cup from you. If you still have questions or feel unsure, go to a chat room on High Times and ask around, or even ask some old hippies in your neighborhood. Go to and look around, you'll be sure to find something there, but at a price. Good Luck!

Answermoon shine. n if you cant get that then drink alot of water and cranberry juice and take some niacin pillz to help you sweat it out

Answer-- Dudes and fellow stoners I was reading and I've found a few things in common with everyones answers and I think this could work. Coffee and carrotts. It makes you pee like crazy and carrotts contain creatine and B-vitamins :) And if your P.O. says anything you can be like dude I drink alot of coffee, good luck & Peace

ANOTHER ANswer.I smoke a ton of weed, yes of course cranberry juice & water and niacin work, even a lot of energy drinks have 100% niacin in them. One time though I was so desperate to pass a piss test I put a capfull of bleach(yes bleach) in a full glass of milk(you will not taste it in milk) and I passed 3 hours later. Of course your stomach hurts for a day.


Only time will clean it out really, i have done experiments by buying over a 100 THC test kits to see how long it takes to get out of my system and be below the cut'off level. From being completely clean I was able to have 2-3 cones of good weed on a Friday evening and be clean by Sunday evening - Monday morning but having a few more cones then that was looking at about Tuesday evening -Wednesday. Found out too that I could test clean 24hrs after having 1 or 2 cones but then test positive 12 hrs after testing clean. Heavy smoking, say having the bong near you 24/7 for a few days i would definately give it a week and half to 2 weeks to clear. But it's all relative to the individual, will be a bit longer if your fat. ALWAYS test yourself with a home test kit before the real test and if positive the best method is substitution or if your able add a little warm water to your sample, sometimes it doesn't take much water to bring it down below the cutoff leve.l

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Q: How can you clean your system of marijuana?
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