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How can you connect a PC to a laptop using USB?

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Generally, you can't, unless you have a router or a switch to control the network. Any time two or more computers are linked together, it is considered a network, which requires that every device have addresses unique to that device. These addresses are used by the router or switch to control where data flows.

You can't use a USB port to network two computers unless you have an USB/Ethernet dongle connected to it. You can't network two computers with just a USB cable.

2012-09-03 07:08:14
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How do you connect PC with laptop?

usb connector

How do you connect a PC to a laptop using the laptop as a monitor?

Some stores offer products that connect the information from the PC onto the laptop using a cable and some adjustments to the configurations on your computer.

How you connect laptop with PC?

by using a crossover cable.

What lead do i need to connect a printer to a laptop?

All you need to connect it to your laptop is a USB cable to plug into the printer so it can connect to the laptop. If your printer came with a CD, then install it using that. Most of the time you need a Type A to Type B USB cable to connect printer to a PC or Laptop. Both side connector are different. You can get these cheap (less than $3-4) on internet or in discount electronics stores. - Neeraj Sharma

How do you connect and Vialli device psp e1004 street?

You can connect an E1000 to a PC using the USB cable.


you can hook it to your PC or mac using i-tunes, but it depends on which USB cord you use because some of the, are used only to charge the phone.

How do you capture video on a HP laptop?

You can use external VGA/DVI to USB frame grabber. It allows you to convert VGA into a USB output, which you can connect to any PC.

How do you connect iPad to PC?

Install iTunes on the PC and connect with the USB sync cable.

How do you connect nokia 2600c to PC suite?

with bluetooth dongle OR using usb data cable

How do you run a PC and laptop on same internet?

WIFI can connect PC and laptop.

How do you connect USB TV tuner to my PC?

What you do is you connect the USB cable to the USB port on the side of your computer it is easy You might use a phoenix card reader to connect USB TV Tuner to your PC, it also support CAM.

What wires are needed to connect a camcorder to the pc?

To connect your camcorder to the PC, it must be able to connect by a USB cable.

Can I connect a HDTV camcorder to my pc?

If the camcorder has a USB connector, yes, you can connect it to your PC.

How can you transfer file from your Windows laptop to your Android tablet without using USB cable?

The easiest way is to install Web PC Suite on your tablet and connect it to a laptop by scanning a QR code. Now you can transfer any file between laptop and tablet. The interface is clean and easy.

How do you use a USB reader?

You just need to insert the flashdrive on the USB reader and plug the reader on your PC or laptop. USB reader is mostly used if you wanted to insert 2-3 usb at a time but only have one USB port on your laptop or PC.

Connect one printer to a desktop PC and a mac laptop?

You can just unplug the USB cable from the desktop and plug it into the the laptop when you need to print something on the laptop. When you are done printing, you can just plug it back into the desktop.

Can you use a droid as a modem and connect to a laptop?

Purchase the PDA net application for android, use the USB cable to connect to the PC for fastest speed - can also use Bluetooth but it is slower.

What is used to connect a scanner to a PC?

USB Port

How do connect your camera to your laptop?

The camera should have came with a USB cable. Plug one end into the PC and the other into the camera matching up the slots.

How do you connect nokia 5230 to PC?

You can connect Nokia 5230 to your PC in a number of ways. The one I prefer is using a compatible USB cable. However, It doesn't come with the phone, so you have to buy one.

How can you get music from iTunes to your ipod?

You simply sync your music on iTunes. You have to connect your iPod to your PC first using the USB cable.

How do you upgrade to 2.0 the USB ports that are already on your PC or laptop?

You cant, its either going to be usb 1.0 or usb 2.0.

Does the Asus Eee Surf Laptop have a DVD player?

No. The Eee PC contains no optical drive at all. However, the laptop does come with software to play DVDs if you connect an external drive via USB.

How do you connect Nokia 5310 to PC?

The USB cable it came with!?

How do you connect Motorola EX115 to PC?

through USB cable