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Well it must have some kind of sound output to speakers, they'll work fine in there, or if you use any kind of satellite box try using it with that,

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Not all TV's are capable. If it has a head phone jack then it can be connected.

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You can't. The earphones need to be connected to an amplifier at the output.

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Q: How can you connect headphones to a television without headphones output?
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Are there any headphones or headphone systems which supplement the TV speakers?

Many televisions do not have headphone jacks anymore. Almost every TV that has a headphone jack will shut off its internal speakers when the headphones are connected. You should look at wireless headphones that will connect to the audio output of the television instead of the headphone jack if you need to use both at the same time.

Are headphones input or output devices?

Output, the sound is coming from the computer. Headphones are output; they produce something after receiving signal from another device, such as a computer or electronic player. When you use headphones they go in the output port of your computer.

What to do when sony Bravia has no headphone jack for wireless headphones?

Purchase L and R splitter cables to put between the audio input cables and your TV and make sure this output to AUX and then connect that way. If your BRAVIA enables NFC feature, you can also connect your headphone with your BRAVIA.

Is there a HDMI output that I can use to connect this to my TV?

Yes there is an HDMI output available for use on this laptop.

How do you connect speakers to sylvania TV?

If the TV has an audio output, connect this to a stereo amplifier, and then connect speakers to this. Modern TV's don't have amplifiers for external speakers.

Is headphones an input device or output?

Headphones are output devices.

Can you connect a radio speaker to a tv?

If this is a raw speaker without the radio electronics, it is not possible unless your TV has a speaker output (usually a push-in red and black bare wire connector).

Does the iPad 2 have an av output?

You have to purchase a separate adaptor for this. You can do av output, hdmi output and even connect it with AirPlay onto your Apple TV.

What are the list of computer output devices?

A list of computer output devices includes a monitor, printer, scanner, headphones, speaker and microphone. Others include a video card, projector and TV.

Is there cordless headphones that do not have to connected to the TV?

Some units come with a small microphone to hang in front of the TV speaker for use if the TV does not have audio output connectors.

How do you connect a humax HDR-FOX T2 to a Yamaha YHTS401 sound bar?

Connect the HDMI output on the Humax to the HDMI input on the sound bar. The sound bar then connects its HDMI output to the TV.

How do you connect the sony home theatre to laptop?

Your home theatre system will need both an HDMI input and output. Most all-in-one systems have no HDMI input. Connect the output of the laptop to HDMI input of the receiver. Connect the HDMI monitor output on the receiver to the TV.