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First off, why would you want to homeschool your child in the first place? If you can answer that question, then you should simply present that information to your husband. As for myself, I think it's a huge mistake to homeschool kids, so I can't really help out with advice, although you can practice your arguments on me if you like. Maybe we can both learn something. First off see if you can get some broshures or something that he can look at either from the company that you will be ordering your materials from or you can make it yourself. Set you a schedule of what classes you are going to be teaching her as well as what times they are going to be taught. Also impress him with field trips. Say she is learning about trees and why the leaves are always green in the summer, then take her to a green house and set up an appointment to talk with a specialist. Also, make sure that you will have time to teach her and allow her to have time to be around her peers. Good luck:)

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Q: How can you convince your husband to agree to let you homeschool your daughter?
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