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How can you copy from one flash drive to another flash drive?


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Plug the first flash drive into a computer, copy the file into the computer, unplug the first flash drive, then plug the second into the computer, cut and paste the file from the computer to the second flash drive. The file is now on both flash drives.

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Copy what? You could put "it" on a flash drive, which is the best way.

To transfer information from a flash drive to another flash drive the information must be uploaded to a computer from flash drive A then uploaded from the computer to flash drive B.

The easiest thing would be to use a USB flash drive, or a compact disk. Just copy the files you want to transfer on to the disk to flash drive, insert the storage device into your other computer, and copy the files from the storage device on to your new computer.

A flash drive would be one easy way. Plug a flash drive into the PS3, copy the music onto it, then remove flash drive and stick into computer. Then all you have to do is drag and drop those files from the flash drive into your iTunes library, which can then be put on your iPod.

simple answer :yes . How it is done is by copy the program by clicking on "copy " on the left top corner of the window explorer then click on "my computer" icon then chose the flash drive letter what ever that is and click on it and click on "edit" and chose "paste".

Physically carry the flash drive from computer to computer.

First, put the flash drive in your computer. Then, copy or drag the movie to the flash drive menu, you know, the one that shows everything saved on the flash drive. If that doesn't work, the movie cannot be copied but might be able to be burned on a disk.

A flash drive is essentially a pocket sized hard drive. It is about the size of your thumb and fits into a USB port. Flash drives are typically used to transfer data from one computer to another (i.e. from work to home).

There are many reasons why your USB flash drive may be not recognised by your Mac, one of the following may apply; - Incorrectly formatted flash drive - Damaged flash module - Corrupted data - USB flash drive detection disabled on your account You should try and use your flash drive on another computer to see if the problem lies with the flash drive, or your Mac. If the flash drive works on another computer, you should check your system permissions, contact your system administrator, or check that the actual flash drive isn't being detected using Disk Utility. If the flash drive does not work on another computer (try both Windows and Mac OS computers), the problem most likely lies in the flash drive itself and should probably be repaired and/or replaced.

You can copy files from flash drive or from your computer folders (One location to other location). You simply select the files from the folder, then click copy and paste it to the relevant folder. Copy ==> Location ==> Paste

There is only one use for a 4gb flash drive. They are used to save images, documents, video clips or sound clips and to transfer them to another computer.

Assuming you only have 1 CD drive, you will need copy the data to your hard disk (or possibly a flash drive), remove the original disk from the CD drive, put the blank in, and burn the data that you copied to your hard disk.

Use a Flash Drive or Disc. You'll need a big amount of room if you have a lot on your computer to move. Highlight the things you want and click Copy (Ctrl+C), make sure they're pasted (Ctrl+C) Applications/Documents. So I am sure to say to put no "Shortcuts" in your Flash drive. Put the Flash drive in your new computer now. Open the flash drive and copy the things, and drag them where you want them to be. Keep askin' questions anonymus

You can write to a flash drive and read data from the flash drive. It acts the same as a miniature hard drive, just like the one on your computer. It uses flash memory, hence the name flash drive.

If you Google "broken flash drive" or "repair flash drive" you will find a few companies specializing in flash drive data recovery. One of them will do it for $99 and only charges if successful.

The amount of data/information the flash drive can store at one time.

Flash drives are rewritable, and items can be put on and off numerous amounts of times, with no end. The whole point of the flash drive is to transfer files from one computer to another, unlike the CD which is not rewritable and can only be burned once, and must pay for another one for another file.

That answer is simple. All that happens is the account goes to the new xbox but it still keeps all your old data. Another easy trick is to get a flash drive and plug it un to the xbox with the account on it. Then With the flash drive in the xbox go to My Xbox > System Settings > Memory > Flash Dirve > Conifigur > Hard Drive > Account > Move to flash drive. Once that is done your account is in your flash dive so all you have to do is plug it in to the desired xbox and you have your account.

A mp3 player flash drive is used to store the data for an mp3. The bigger the flash drive, the more songs one is able to hold (

A flash drive is not a cd and therefore cannot be read like one.

Well, anything really, but I would imagine you are thinking of a flash drive (also called pen drive, USB drive, thumb drive, ect.)

To transfer files from one computer to another computer in a different location. Also can be used as temporary storage.

There are a millions answers to this question, and I have found non that answer this detail about no B drive. The cool thing even before 3 1/2 inch disks, is you could just have 1 floppy drive and still be able the copy from one floppy to another. The B drive can work as a virtual drive. If need to copy somehting and had only one drive, you would issue a copy command and it would hold the information you want to copy on a virtual B drive. Place the original in, "copy to b drive" take out the original and put in a blank and it would copy the files to your B drive. This we found was always a cool tool. No need for a second floppy drive.

Flash drives are for anyone who needs the ability to transfer data quickly from one PC to another. I use a flash-drive to update my main computer with anything I've been using my lap-top for.

Memory Stick (note capitals) is a Sony brand name for a memory device used mostly in Sony cameras, it is vey flat in shape, almost like a small chewing gum stick. A flash drive is a USB device, I'm sure you know what one looks like. Many people say memory stick when they mean flash drive, because flash drives are somewhat stick shaped. Another term for flash drive is 'pen drive'.

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