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How can you cut school?


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January 10, 2011 10:06PM

Pretend that you are sick and your parents will make an excuse that you can't go to school because you are sick. I have done it a lot of time and it always work. I had missed five months of school because I keep pretending that I'm sick. When my parents are not at home I can do what ever I want and when they come back I pretend that I'm still sick. I pretend a lot when the next day there is an exam. The day of the exam I pretend that I'm sick so, I don't have to take the exam, WOOOO. When I go back to school I lie to the teacher and make a super dramatic excuse and that way she feels sorry for me.

i have a easier way just pretend to go to school and when you're half way there you go back home and you just stay home after that this only works if your parent's go to work in the morning or else try something else plus don't do it too much because the absent days are limited to 18 days if you cut school over 18 days you go to summer school i hardly cut school because I'm in high school i can swipe my card and go to some of my classes then i go home that still counts I'm in school for the whole day but I only do that when there it is the day before a vacation