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Medium height, brown hair, and bespectacled

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Michael MacKenzie is a troubled high school student who accidentally shoots a man on July 4th while celebrating. He is consumed with guilt and wrestles with the moral dilemma of whether to reveal the truth about the incident to his family and the authorities. Throughout the novel "Swallowing Stones," Michael undergoes a transformation as he confronts the consequences of his actions and seeks redemption.

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Q: How can you describe Michael Mackenzie from Swallowing Stones?
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What is the rifle that Michael Mackenzie used in swallowing stones?

.45 Winchester

What are the characters in swallowing stones?

Michael mackenzie, jenna ward, ammy ruggerio, and joe

In swallowing stones what is Michaels job?

Michael's job in "Swallowing Stones" is working at a gas station.

Who is Josh in swallowing stones?

Michael's younger brother

What is the climax of swallowing stones?

The climax of "Swallowing Stones" is when Michael discovers the truth about the bullet he fired, leading to a confrontation with the man he accidentally shot. This moment is full of tension and emotion as Michael grapples with the consequences of his actions.

What does josh say to make Michael mad in swallowing stones chapter 9?


What is the major conflict with Michael in swallowing stones?

The major conflict with Michael in "Swallowing Stones" is that he accidentally shoots and kills a man, which leads to a series of choices and consequences that deeply impact his life and the lives of those around him. Michael grapples with guilt, fear, and the ethical dilemma of whether to confess or try to cover up the accident.

Who dies in swallowing stones?

In the book "Swallowing Stones" by Joyce McDonald, it is revealed that Jenna's father dies after the accidental shooting by Michael, the protagonist of the story.

How many pages are in the book swallowing stones?

Swallowing stones has 245 pages.

Who Is The Antagonist In The Book Swallowing Stones?

In the book "Swallowing Stones" by Joyce McDonald, the antagonist can be seen as Michael Mackie, the teenager who accidentally shoots a man. His actions set off a chain of events that affect multiple characters in the story.

How can you describe jenna ward from swallowing stones?

15 years old, and extremely upset by the death of her father charlie ward.

What social issue does Swallowing Stones address?

Swallowing Stones talks about unexpressed emotions and gun abuse.