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Here's a webpage that lists the DSM IV's requirements for an official diagnosis of ADD and ADHD.

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Q: How can you determine if you have ADD without seeing a doctor?
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Where can you get Adderall without a doctor's prescription?

You cant, I'm a doctor and the only way to receive Adderall is if you have ADD or ADHD.

Does my kid really have ADD?

There is no single test to determine if your child has ADD. The first step in diagnosing ADD is to talk to your child's doctor or specialist. They will use various methods to make the determination as well as rule out any other problems.

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How do you increase your attention span?

Go to a doctor and get tested for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and if you are ADD get a prescription from your doctor.

What are the signs of ADD?

It is very hard to determine if your child has ADD or just tired, bored and not interested. Symptoms of ADD can be hyperactivity, not paying attention, trouble focusing, impulsive behavior and inability to sit still. Any concerns about your child's behavior should be discussed with his or her doctor.

Can a parent take their child to a doctor to get diagnosed with ADD without the other parents consent when they have joint custody?

It is a parents responsibility to take his / her child to the Doctor if there is a problem. it is however not up to the parent to give the diagnosis, that comes fro the doctor.

How can you convince the doctor that you have add without actually having it because you feel the adderall helps you?

Although it may not be wise to go an begin takin medications when you are clearly aware you are not in need of it,you need to advise your doctor you are having a very difficult time concentrating and are very jittery. You want to imply the symptons of add without making it obvious that you are on a hunt for adderall

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What kind of doctor treats ADD for adults?

Psychiatrists treat ADD in adults.

What drugs help with ADD?

i'd ask a doctor

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