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For Matchbox cars in the united states - PRE-SUPERFAST (ie. 1953 - 1968/9) here is how to arrive at an answer:

Although extremely rare versions (with certain wheels, certain axles, different decals, etc.) can easily range into the $200 - $300 range in mint condition, here is a rough guide:

IF you have a car in MINT condition with its original box in good condition:

1. 1953 - 1956 - $100.00

2. 1956 - 1959 - $80.00

3. 1960 - 1964 - $60.00

4. 1965 - 1968/9 - $45.00

For models which came in silvery-grey plastic wheels, grey plastic wheels and black plastic wheels, there is a premium of about $5.00 for the grey or silvery-grey plastic wheels.

People will WANT to sell you such mint condition cars for much more money - but IF you have mint condition cars you can certainly get (net) the amount I have shown above with no problem.

If you have a mint car/truck, but no box, knock off about 15% of the above.

If you have no box and the car / truck is lightly marred, knock off another 15%.

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How can you determine the value of matchbox car collection?

You have two ways. 1, Buy the latest Matchbox Guide by Charlie Mack 2, Check each car in an Ebay search

How do you value a matchbox car collection?

There are books on the values. Or you could just look it up.

Matchbox car 75 Ferrari Berlinetta value?

€ 65,-

What is the value of a 1960's matchbox cars also a 1970s Mustang matchbox car?

Get yourself a book by Charlie Mack

Where can Matchbox car labels be found?

A Matchbox car can be identified by a label on the bottom of the car. Flip the car over and there will be the logo for Matchbox as well as the country of manufacture.

What is a matchbox?

A matchbox is a box that is made to store matches. A Matchbox car is a car that, when invented, was so small it would fit into a matchbox. Matchbox 20 got their name from the fact that most matchboxes come with 20 matches.

Where to go to find the value of matchbox car dated before 1970?

You should probably either go to their website OR contact an experienced car collector.

What year was the matchbox car toy invented?

The first Matchbox toy vehicle was manufactured in 1949.

How much is a 1995 matchbox car worth?

it depends on the car

How do I determine the value of a used car on the spot?

Often times it is difficult to determine the value of a used car on the spot. I would suggested using car facts in order to determine the cost with the acknowledgement of any past car damage and issues.

How much does a matchbox car weight?

That depends on the kind of car it's a replica of. A Matchbox fire engine will weigh more than a Miata.

Do car appraisals determine the true value of your vehicle?

Car appraisals can determine the true value of your vehicle but it can also vary on the condition of the car as well. These are not always an accurate representation.

Where do you get matchbox car playmats?


What is the best source online or otherwise to determine the value of a used car?

The best way to determine the value of a used car is to compare your car to the same make/model/year as another car on Simply look for your car on their website and determine if the price they set seems fair.

Does state farm insurance use the trade in value or the retail value of a car to determine the value of a car if totaled?

They use a market value guide.

What is the most expensive matchbox car in production?


What is the scale of a matchbox car to a real car?

Unfortunately, Matchbox cars are all different scales. The cars are all made to a particular size (no more than 3"). Therefore, a larger car or truck would have to be scaled down more in order to fit the 3" Matchbox size requirement.

Where can a person get more information on the Matchbox Models available?

Information about the current Matchbox car models that are available can be found at the Mattel website as well as Matchbox Collectibles, Collectors Weekly and Entertainment Earth. A Matchbox checklist is available at Toy Nutz.

What is the value of your Franklin mint centenniala car mini ingot collection?


What is the value of the Antique Car Coin Collection series 2?

Other then silver value there is no collectors value on Franklin Mint items.......

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What are a few things used to determine the value of a car?

There are many things that determine the value of the car. The most important thing is the make and model of the car and what year it was released. Other factors include what add ons you have had installed on the car, such as rims and stereo equipment.

How much does a Matchbox toy car weigh?

about 35 grams depending on the type of car that you are looking for

Which type of toy car can win the most races out of hotweels matchbox and plastic cars?

im not a 100% sure..but i would put my money on a matchbox car..they have more weight and have a higher *terminal velocity*

Will hot wheel car track allow matchbox cars run on it?

Yes, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars will run on the same track. Remember that Matchbox are not designed to be Race Cars and will not perform like Hot Wheels.

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