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I would give BoBs gun parts a try they have help me alot with guns like yours

I was able to locate a ranger 36 which was made by the marlin co. for sears check out

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Q: How can you find a bolt for a ranger 22s-l-lr-m36a rifle?
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Where can one find a bolt for a Savage Arms model 120 series A short long or long rifle?

I have a Savage Model 120 rifle; I would not sell the bolt but would consider selling the rifle with the bolt in it. My e-Mail is

Where can you find a bolt for a ranger 22 mod103-2?


Where do I find a bolt for 22 springfild jr rifle.?

Look in website

Where can you find a free Winchester ranger rifle owners manual?

No known web site.

Where would you find a bolt for jc Higgins model 103.18 22 rifle?

You can't find them. What you can do is offer to buy my whole rifle which has a good bolt in it. I'll take a newer Marlin 981t as trade.

A firing pin for this rifle Where can you find one?

You can find a firing pin for the ranger at Numerick Gun Parts Corporation.

Where can you find a bolt for a single shot Ranger M34 22-S-L-LR?

You should find the bolt in the ads located in shotgun news newspaper.

Where can you find a bolt for a krico 30-06 sporter rifle model 700?


How do you find out about a bolt action 3030 rifle with no brand name or serial number?

List all the markings that ARE on the rifle.

Western field m155b bolt action 410 need to find out all you can about this rifle please help?

it is a shot gun not a rifle

Where can I find a bolt for my springfield 22 bolt action rifle model 53A?

I would first look at numrich gun parts.

Where can you find a bolt for a ranger model 103.4 22 clip fed rifle?

The correct answer is Numrich gun parts. Or, just google Marlin A1 schematic and it will show you a list of parts that you can order and a complete schematic to view.

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