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How can you find out where someone graduated from high school?


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2011-06-02 04:04:38
2011-06-02 04:04:38

Try Of course, the person that you are looking for must actually be registered and many people are already registered. You can set up your registration for free and then search all you need to. Or you can just go online and search the person but that might cost money.

Try Reunion dot com. Also, Classmates dot com is now called Memory Lane and they are posting copies of yearbooks on their web site.


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Go to the school or call the school from which they graduated and ask them.

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No. It is proper to say someone graduated FROM high school. You can't eliminate "from."

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"Someone who earns a high school diploma is a person who has graduated from high school."

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Ask to see proof of graduation, like transcipts or a diploma.

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he graduated at cathedral school in 1956 from someone hahaha

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