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I need my frequent flyer miles account number. How do I find this out.

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pay me some bucks then I will answer you

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Q: How can you find out your frequent flyer miles account number?
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What airlines allow users to give their frequent flyer miles to friends or family members?

All of the major airlines allow you to give your frequent flyer miles to friends and family or transfer the miles to another account holder with the same airline

What happens to dividend miles after cancelling US Airways mastercard?

The miles should still be in the account as it is the credit card account and not the Frequent Flyer account that has been closed.

Would you spend frequent flyer miles on funjet vacations?

Frequent flyer miles can be used however the person with the frequent flyer miles wishes to use them. I would personally use mine on a funjet vacation, but its really up to you.

Is it legal to buy and sell frequent flyer miles?

It's easy and legal to purchase and sell frequent flyer miles directly to and from an airline.

How should you apply for frequent flyer?

You can apply for most frequent flyer programs on the airline's web site. Be sure to present your frequent flyer card when you check in for each flight, because sometimes it can be a hassle to get credit for miles retroactively.

What discount does US Airways offer for a frequent flyer?

The discount one will receive from being a frequent flyer aboard US Airways will depend on the number of miles one has undertaken. Usually, however one will use their frequent flyer points towards free flights.

What are the best credit cards to earn frequent flyer miles?

Air-Miles provides a great way to earn frequent flyer miles. Just order the credit card online, and start spending. These points will go on to your frequent flyer credit and you can start flying cheap!

Does the AA credit card automatically incorporate frequent flyer miles?

"No, AA credit card does not automatically incorporate frequent flyer miles. You will need to call the company and speak with an agent in order to guarantee that you are getting the flyer miles."

What can one get for frequent flyer points?

Some ways to earn free frequent flyer miles faster include signing up for a credit card that earns miles, purchasing miles at auction sites, and obtaining free miles by special offers or by receiving the airline's newsletter etc.

What are some good frequent flyer programs?

There are a number of frequent flyer programs available from all major airlines. I personally like the Hawaiian Air Miles program as well as the Delta Sky Mile program.

How expensive is it to purchase frequent flyer miles directly from an airline?

It's easy and legal to purchase frequent flyer miles directly from an airline for roughly 28 cents a mile

How many flyer miles from New York to Florida?

If you resubmit this question, please be more specific. Florida is over 500 miles long. IF you mean "frequent flyer miles," that number will vary from airline to airline.