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Q: How can you find your score on the released kcpe results?
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Kcpe results 2009 ind No 702047008?

where are the kcpe results 2009 ind No 702047008

Kcpe results 2009 ind No 616039009?

kcpe results 2009 ind no 616039009

Where can you find the results of the KCPE for 2008?

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Is kcpe results out?

KCPE results are typically released in late December each year. You can check with the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) for official announcements and specific release dates.

Kcpe results 2009 ind No 328251?

kcpe result 2009 ind No 328251

How can you get your kcpe results be inernet?


Is kcpe results 2010 out?


Index number 106355059 in kcpe results?


Kcpe results 2009 ind no 106206019?


Kcpe results 2009 ind no 310511019?


How can you access KCPE 2010 results for 602164?


How can you check KCPE results for an individual candidate?

You can check your KCPE 2010 result, but you need your student number and your school number. The results are accessible via Related Links, below.