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This always helps me, the night before I have to get up early, I get everything done that I can, (for example, finding the things you need to find, that will give you more time to get ready for something else, I'm not saying to brush your teeth the night before, just to get most of the things done that you're for sure you can finish). Make yourself a routine. Do not set more tasks than you can finish. Do not procrastinate, get the job done.

AnswerPlan, plan, plan. Effective planning will help you to finish your daily errands in a more timely manner. By planning I mean that you create a route to complete the errands the minimizes driving time and takes into account factors such as time of day and traffic.

Let's say, for example, that you need to go to the grocery store, pick up dry cleaning, go to the Dentist, get your oil changed, and go to the bookstore. How should go about completing these errands? First, check to see where each errand is located. Is the dry cleaning across town or is it close to the bookstore. Set up a route that you will travel that will prevent any back tracking on yourself. You don't want to spend any extra time on the road if you don't have to.

Also keep in mind the traffic patterns. Avoid heading to the bank and such places during the lunch hour and around 4pm. These services are usually swamped at those times. Also try to avoid being in the thick of rush hour.

Write your planned route on a piece of paper so you don't forget any stops.


The key thing to errands is to keep up with the ones you need to do so that the list does not become too long. However, 4 to 5 stops are enough for a morning. Preparation before leaving the house helps; eat a good meal so you do not get hungry midway through the tasks; if you need to grocery shop before other stops, use a cooler in your trunk to keep the food cold; if possible, choose the store that can supply more than one of the items you need. be the first one there when a store opens; and, most importantly, make a list. Start out with a full tank of gas, taking a circular route to all of the stops you need to make, so that you do not end up doubling back.


Don't get distracted, and stay on task.

Plan your errands so that you do related items together, for example if you have to go to the hardware store to grab that item and the bank is across the street, do your banking errand to instead of waiting until the day you have to go. Planning your errands together will be surprisingly efficient. You may find that several small errands on separate days are less daunting for you. I have two kids and that has always helped us to have a more enjoyable and productive family life being a single parent. And some people don't think of it, may sound silly but ASK FOR HELP when you need it.


Make it a game. If you think it is fun, you will get into it and time will fly.


For me, finishing errands in a timely way, is that you know what are the things you should do and what are the best way to make those easier to finish; planning ahead. For instance for everyday living when your working you should at least think what to wear tomorrow morning, think of the snack you want to bring, make all your stuff ready for tomorrow. especially the things in your bag check if all was already there that you might need for tomorrow prepare everything the night before, so that when morning comes at least all ready and you don't have to rush for everything and scatter everything making the house a mess when you're running late already.

It is good to stay always prepared.

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Q: How can you finish daily errands in a more timely manner?
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