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How can you fix a VHS tape that will not play in the VCR?

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This is what I have done in the past: Take a good tape of little value. For instance a promotional tape. Open both the good and bad tape. Discard the actual tape of the VHS cass. that works. Transplant the tape from the defective cass. in the working housing. And presto, one restored VHS cass. (if the actual tape is damaged byond repair this will not solve your problem).

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How can you fix your TV VHS player?

On my General Electric vcr, when i play a vhs tape in it, I can only see wavy lines that move around in all directions. I can record something but can' t see it afterwards on this player, but can see it on another player. What's wrong with the playing part of the vcr? and how can i fix it.

How can you fix a stuck VHS tape?

Disassemble the VCR by undoing the screws on the back and bottom of the machine. Gently pull on the tape. You may need to unwind the tape to provide slack to work the tape off the tape head.

How do you fix VHS Cassettes that won't play?

A VHS Cassette that won't play might be fixed by fast forwarding the tape to the very end and then rewinding the tape to the beginning. Sometimes the VHS Cassette that won't play might be because of the player. Periodic cleaning with a cleaner tape is necessary to make sure the heads are clean inside the player.

How can you fix a VHS tape that is stuck at one spot and will not advance?

To fix a VHS tape that is stuck at one spot and will not advance, just press the socket at the back of the VHS tape with a pen. The small button will be released, allowing for the white reels to be turned in any of the directions. Turn the reels with a pen, fingers or scissors. When the reels turn, you will be able to find out what caused the blockage. The VHS tape can be unwinded this way. It is common for one of the reels' wheel to get stuck on the VCR's mechanisms while the tape is being played.

How do you fix a VCR?

In order to fix a VCR, you need to establish where the fault is. If you are not sure where problem is, you should allow an expert to fix it for you.

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