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How can you fix error code biohd-8?

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BIOHD-8 is a SMART drive error code. It's issued when SMART thinks your drive is failing. Doing some reseach it seems that there have been issues with HP computers and this error code occurring but nobody seems to know why.

If you believe that the hard drive is not faulty access the BIOS and look for the option HDD SMART Enable (or similar) and disable it. Do a reboot then get into the operating system and select the C: hard drive properties. On the tools page you will find a hard drive test tool run it and it will tell you it cannot run as the drive is in use. It will then ask you if you wish to reschedule a test on reboot. Select that option and reboot the machine. This will report and fix and drive protocol errors that have occurred but it will NOT repair the drive if the mechanics are faulty. Replacement is the only way to fix that.

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